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This Software Requirement Specification document delivers a comprehensive description of all the functionalities and specifications of the B&B Booking System. The software development team, the design, implementation and testing procedure will utilize this file as a reference…
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Software Requirements Specification
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Software Requirements Specification al Affiliation Table of Contents Introduction 3 Purpose 3 Scope 3 Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations 3
References 4
Overview 4
Overall description 4
Product perspective 4
Product functions 5
User characteristics 5
Constraints 5
Assumptions and dependencies 5
Functional Requirements 6
Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 0 6
Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 1 6
Activity Diagram 7
Class Diagram 8
Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) 9
Use Case Diagram 10
This document gives a description of the Software Requirements Specification for
This Software Requirement Specification document delivers a comprehensive description of all the functionalities and specifications of the B&B Booking System. The software development team, the design, implementation and testing procedure will utilize this file as a reference for generating the design and test plan.
This Software Requirement Specification document has the main purpose of providing a clear thought of what is anticipated by the end users for proposed B&B Booking System. This document will give an extensive description regarding the development of the software by the selected team. It further contains the detailed description of all the requirements specified.
The proposed software will help the customers to reserve rooms from any remote location of their pleasing. The involved end user will mainly be the system administrator and the anticipated customers. Either John or Jane will be responsible for making and keying in client reservations, when they call in to make one.
Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations
Administrator – The individual responsible for managing and maintain the system and software
B&B – Bed-and-Breakfast
Calendar – The tool that the end-users or customers use to fill or enter in the date programs
IEEE – Institute of Electrics & Electronics Engineering
IS – Information Systems
IT – Information Technology
1. IEEE Std 830-1998, IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications
2. IEEE Std 1233-1998, IEEE Guide for Developing System Requirements Specification
3. IEEE Std 1016-1998, IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Design Description
4. Pressman, Roger S., Software Engineering “A Practitioner’s Approach”, Fifth Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2000.
The specifics of the project are divided sections that give the full description of the functions, the objectives, the properties, the requirements and constraints of the project.
Overall description
This section of the SRS describes all the functionalities for the project items. It additionally highlights the information regarding requirements and constraints of the project.
Product perspective
The product perspective for the B&B Online Booking Software System provides an interactive environment via its various interfaces. The system will additionally have a database to aid in better record keeping and management of user information. It would entail:
System Interfaces – No system interface will be needed during the development of this project since the system will be connected with the business’s server.
User Interfaces – This will have the login page and the sign-up interface.
Hardware Interface - There is no hardware interface required for the proposed B&B system
Software interface – The software interfaces required mainly include the viewing applications, that is, web browsers like Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer preferably of the latest version. An Apache HTTP Server, PHP, MySQL and flash player for the graphics acceleration of the web components, will also be mandated for the web application IT project.
Communication Interfaces: The default communication protocol for transmitting data and information would be the TCP/IP for the web server and client facilitated by HTTP at an upper level.
Product functions
1. Logon to the system and logout as well
2. Change the password after logging in the system
3. Able to create new login information
4. Query for vacant spaces two days on advance
5. See current reservations
6. Able to choose a particular
7. An available calendar to help end users select dates
8. Show the pricing strategies set by the admin
9. Admin can use the admin too to customize web operations
User characteristics
Administrator – Has all the administrative privileges to operate on the web system components.
External Users – These are new and prospective clients for the system who need to be signed up.
Customer – They use the B&B system and ought to be computer literate.
Some of the constraints include the regulatory policies, the hardware limitations, the parallel operations, safety or security, the control and audit functions for the IS.
Assumptions and dependencies
The user ought to have the ability to use the internet and have constant access to it when they want to use the system.
The TCP/IP protocol has to be installed on the system on which the system runs.
Additionally, the PC has to have the updated versions of the Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems in order to appropriately load and run the system components.
Functional Requirements
The functional requirements for the proposed system define the fundamental and basic components that contain all the necessary information for the successful software requirements specification. This information would enable the final booking system to function consistently.
Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 0
Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Level 1
Activity Diagram
Class Diagram
Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
Use Case Diagram Read More
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