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A Comparison of Different Software Methods - Thesis Example

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The paper "A Comparison of Different Software Methods" covered the different software test methods used in the web application development. The web was defined and how organizations have realized the immense potential of the web. The web application methods were defined in the basic definitions section…
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A Comparison of Different Software Methods
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Extract of sample "A Comparison of Different Software Methods"

Download file to see previous pages Businesses have grown over the years and web is an integral component of the business world. The global industry has seen the advantages of managing business, reaching out to customers in an interactive mode and selling products and services online through e-Commerce. Once the business logic is set, the web applications play a pivotal role in business decision making. For long the IT industry is building tools and testing has always been an integral part of the software development life cycle. Ralph Grove specified that though the purpose of testing is to ensure that web applications work correctly but the practical side is to identify the errors in it (Grove 218). Software development will have errors in it and identification and correction of the same is what is called debugging of the software. In earlier days, testing commenced only when the coding was complete but nowadays it is more an integral part and goes concurrently along with coding. Testing happens in various phases and planning needs to be done from the commencement of a web application. There needs to be prototypes developed as per the user specifications. The testers need to simulate the working environment of the users all across the globe; therefore compatibility plays an important role. They need to understand that there will not be any software or plug-in installed separately by the users and should be readily available for deployment of the web application. In this thesis, there will be five web application testing methods which shall be defined and elaborated. The theory will be illustrated and compared with the practical web application. Out of these five three will be chosen. There will be real time web applications chosen from public websites where a detailed theoretical and practical comparison made and the application of the chosen testing methods. This will give an insight to the researchers as to the practical problems faced by the developers and users if the application is not properly tested. Care needs to be taken on various fronts where problems need to be identified beforehand and measures taken to ensure smooth deployment and gradual up-gradation of the web application software. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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