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Business Intelligence Analysis - Assignment Example

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The present day car-sales business is entirely composed of raw and unorganised data that is to be translated into meaningful information for the business survival. Proper, effective and efficient use of this business information results translates to competitive advantage by…
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Business Intelligence Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages WEKA is the preferred software tool for the classification. This is because the software can mine useful information from the data by providing an algorithm for coming up with accurate prediction models.
The objective of the business intelligence analysis is to equip learners with business skills that will help them in relating services, applications, and the technologies so that they can manage and analyse data so that the data is transformed into useful information that is critical to sound decision making. The Business intelligence processes are used to evaluate business processes and to optimise them so that they are in line with the objectives of the business. The objectives can be operational that impact the business on daily basis, or even tactical that will have impacts on short term basis like marketing or even strategic goals that will have long term effect like improving the revenues. Business intelligence is therefore a critical element in the decision making process. This is because the process analyses data that is, orders, inventory and points of sales. From these data the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are calculated that is, the measure of the strategic performance of the business. KPI is important in the monitoring of the organisation’s performance and for decision making. The main objective is to extract business intelligence that is crucial in shaping the organisation’s operations to the strategic and tactical objectives of the business. This is only possible when the transactional data is integrated in the data warehouse to be analysed by the BI performance managers. The course seeks to equip learners with the ability to convert the integrated, but raw warehouse data into useful information that can be used to determine accurately how the business performed in contrast to its objectives and predictions. This application generates business knowledge that is very important for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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