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Number and Apllication - Essay Example

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For data set 1, mode was the measure of central tendency used. The mode of class 01/02 was calculated as 2. This means that the occupation that the answer, "2" refers to is the most common occupation that the students of that class held prior to entering the university or during summer…
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Number and Apllication
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Download file to see previous pages For class 02/03, the mean of 48.5 means that most of the scores falls somewhere near 48.5.
Lastly, for Data Set 3, the median was measured. Both of the classes had a median of 3. This means that the rating of 3 is the middle score when the scores are arranged from lowest to highest or vice versa.
Range was the measure of variability for Data Set 1. Since both classes had a highest mark of 5 and a lowest mark of 1, they had the same value for the range. This means that the jobs that the students in the classes being studied took jobs that range from those signified by 1 until 5.
For Data Set 2, the standard deviation was measured. For class 01/02, this was calculated to be 20.85 while for class 02/03, it was 21.17. Since Class 01/02 has a smaller S.D. than Class 02/03, this means that there is more variation in scores for the latter. Although both classes had scores that were very distinct, the lesser S.D. signifies less variation.
In Data Set 3, the semi-inter quartile was measured. The results of the measure mean that the values of Class 01/02 are from the X-axis than those of Class 02/03. The value of the SIQ refers to half the range, between Q1 and Q3.
The pie graphs for data set 1 makes evident that in class 01/02, there is no individual who took up a pre-university or summer job as a skilled or semi-skilled worker. ...
The value of the SIQ refers to half the range, between Q1 and Q3.
III.A. Charts
Data Set 1

Data Set 2

Data Set 3

III.B. Interpretation
The pie graphs for data set 1 makes evident that in class 01/02, there is no individual who took up a pre-university or summer job as a skilled or semi-skilled worker. It also shows that majority of the class worked as manual workers. For class 02/03, the pie chart shows that there is no occupation that may be considered as the majority since each of the 5 occupations receive almost the same share.
For data set two, the line graphs show how the modular ratings of the students in each class progress. Although there is not particular ranking, the histogram shows that in both classes, there are sharp increases or decreases in the ratings of the students. This maybe related to the high S.D. that was computed for both classes.
Lastly, the bar graphs for data set 3 reveal which evaluation rating has the highest frequency. It is evident in both classes that the rating of 3 is the most common rating that students give to the learning they have acquired in the module. Also, the graph for class 02/03 almost demonstrates a bell-shape curve or what we know as a normal distribution.
III.C. Standard Error
S.E. for class 01/02 = 1.220655562
S.E. for class 02/03 = 0.9
Overall S.E = ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Number and Apllication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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