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Advanced Internet Development - Essay Example

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When a website is built e.g. a politics website, blogger, or a market website there is a certain goal that it puts to the market so that buyers and users can read or…
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Advanced Internet Development
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Download file to see previous pages The next step after acquiring people to the page is a means of converting and keeping them for long time as customers in order to get value from them. After the website has captured their real customers, it should now come up with a means of retaining them in the website by making them come back even with visitors. There should be potential in doing all these to ensure the website is successful (Read, 2001).
Web applications and websites in the recent world come to be the most popular tool that businesses and organizations like to connect with their customers, users, and prospects (Welling and Thomson, 2008). Attacks can occur in these web applications due certain security flaws. These attacks can harm the business by exposing sensitive information of the customers and the business, steal customer’s information and finally ruin the business reputation. Recent studies conducted showed that over 70% of all web applications are vulnerable to security flaws. Most of security flaws occur in the PHP coding (Standing, 2000). Attacks that may occur in web applications include Remote code execution, SQL injection, Format string vulnerabilities, Cross Site Scripting, and Username enumeration. These attacks occur due to somewhat poor programming approach. It is therefore important for web developers and designers to have knowledge on these attacks. These attacks results from factors discussed below.
Remote Code Execution is where any desired information is retrieved from the web application. This is done when the attacker runs system code on the vulnerable server. The attacker access information and may go undiscovered by the web administrators (Weber, 2004). The attacker may also include any arbitrary files on the web application. An example of such attack is carried when an attack executes such an exploit code. SQL Injection is considered an old approach in web application security but it is still popular with the attackers. Here the attacker retrieves crucial and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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