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Interview a CEO - Admission/Application Essay Example

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It is an ever more expanding chain of superstores. Utilizing pure and quality production of easily affordable food for all; its…
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Interview a CEO
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Extract of sample "Interview a CEO"

THE MORRISON’S Bradford, West Yorkshire. United Kingdom. Dalton Philips (CEO) Presently three generations are actively associated with its working.
Founded by William Morrison as a small family business, Morrison’s now occupies the fourth position in the list of best retailers in England. It is an ever more expanding chain of superstores. Utilizing pure and quality production of easily affordable food for all; its strategy’s major feature is an outstanding customer service which it meets by innovative styles in both packaging and food presentations. It has a diverse menu of food from salads to delicacies; all made under careful supervision and modern techniques by professional taking necessary health and safety precautions.
1. What precautions do your take to double check notoriety?
Effectively tackling whistle blowers and by washing our laundry inside the house. None of the businesses small or large are free from internal strives or tensions. To top it all every business has its fair share of whistle blowers. We do keep our employees motivated ad comfortable but alongside we deal firmly with the whistle blowers. There is a proper complaint channel which goes up to an unbiased board, capable of seeing through the situation.
2. How do you devise strategies to attract such a large clientele?
By making sure we produce enough enticement in our promotion schemes. People psychologically follow their most primitive needs. We motivate them towards easy satisfaction. “A Food Specialist for Everyone”, a very simplicity based agenda to satisfy consumers by providing quality food wrapped with the perfection of outstanding service. People are not only satisfied but attracted by our unique style of distribution and presentation.
3. What morality based values outline your daily modes of operations?
The product is analyzed from its recipe to taste and presentation. Everything is carefully considered and weighed as a confirmatory technique before it becomes available to the local masses. Client feedback is heeded and product design is accordingly analyzed. The Morrison’s regulate under the strict rules and regulations of Health and Safety. All the production is done strictly in accordance with the prescribed standards of WHO.
4. How do you manage to lead such a diverse array of departments?
According to theory I operate by the democratic leadership or the Participative leadership style which involves the abilities of employees rather it utilizes their decisive powers to finalize a pact. This inculcates a strong sense of self worth among the employees as they start to strife in order to come in the company’s good books.
5. What policies mark your marketing strategies?
Different promotion and publicity tactics like advertisements, motivations, and different public attractions all help Morrison’s to increase their circle of motivation. A high morale and self esteem brings in happy customers. Distribution is done at the moment through the local retailers and Morrison’s stores. Easy access of stores in the locality is ensured. The large number of stores has provided comfortable sales point to a large majority of customers.
6. How do you manage to keep both your family and the employees contended with yourself? 
Proper time management does the trick for me by keeping work in office and family at home. These boundaries are not be surpassed except in emergency situations.
7. What derives you to work?
A healthy environment with a complete balanced and nutritional diet within grasp of every person derives me to achieve optimization and expect exactly that from all of our departments. Food Specialists for everyone is the dream theme for us. Currently our new line of ready meals envisions diabetes- free tomorrow.
8. How do you analyze the work performance?
All events associated with major dealings, pact formations, distribution, merchandising and recruitments aim to construct a friendly environment. All whistle blowers are subjected to legal suits. The strategies employed by the company develop understanding between input, quality and output, keeping in mind the overall health of processing and merchandising.
9. How do you know every department supports your decisive lines of operation?
Routine checks on their morale and regular feedbacks give us a clear cut picture. Moreover sometimes in extreme cases we do take someone from the inside into confidentiality.
10. How do you manage optimization? Is there any room for improvement?
My style of leadership is to indulge everyone in the thinking process, all the departments and their employs are at the liberty to bring up different ideas. This way better and more compatible ways of managing a particular scenario are brought forward and everything is efficiently handled. There is definitely room for improvement, I’ll start off by developing a more softer yet authoritative stance within in board.
11. What influences your team toward efficient execution of tasks?
Regular incentives and promotional packages are highlighted every now and then. The employees’ strife to come into the good books of the board and are awarded different nobilities, completely on merit.
12. How do you deal with external political influences on the national scale?
Morrison’s does not involve itself in political and diplomatic issues. Neither does it donate to support such causes. This immunity has granted it a safe harbor from immersing in problems that are far too hard to subside.
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Interview a CEO Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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