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End of Semester wrap up - Essay Example

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In today's world of globalisation, knowledge management and information assurance systems that deal with risk assessment and damage control effectively, are the norm of the day. This paper deals with the design of an information assurance system based on the following elements, for a healthcare organisation:
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End of Semester wrap up
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Download file to see previous pages The organisation that has been studied is a healthcare institution. Since healthcare involves the exchange of personal information and various other security concerns that emanate thereafter, the model for information assurance has been strategically placed with goals like training and development, as well as entrepreneurial control that will help in better orientation for the implementation of the system.
Risk, in case of varied operational decisions, is seen as a focus of single determinants of behaviour arising from risk theories. (Stephenson, 2004)1 Various unresolved contradictions can be reconciled by examining the usefulness of placing risk propensity and risk proportion in a more central role than has been previously recognised through effective risk assessment programs. Based on such analysis, it is believed that the propensity of risk dominates both the actual and perceived characteristics of the situation as a determinant of risk behaviour. (Stephenson, 2004) Such an observation can safely justify the finding that suggests that apart from being central to any and every business or organisation, risk is something that entrepreneurs in general, are averse to. This can be attributed to the fact that at the end of the day, any loss of information has far reaching implications of its own and is deeply rooted in the genesis of risk taking and management.
Coming back to the issue of the risk averse nature of businesses in context of the XYZ organisation, the one question we need to ask before proceeding any further is whether mere risk assessment is enough to act as a strong foundation for resolving all those difficulties arising out of risk management in case of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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