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The Qatari In Indy Club Constitution and By-laws - Assignment Example

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The objective of the present assignment is to design a constitution for a club that represents the culture of students that belong to a specific community. The mission of Qatari In Indy is to introduce both Qatari and American cultures to each other and knowing their cultural aspects…
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The Qatari In Indy Club Constitution and By-laws
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Extract of sample "The Qatari In Indy Club Constitution and By-laws"

Download file to see previous pages Qatar In Indy club shall be founded by Qatari students in Indiana, USA and aim to reflect positive images and attitudes of citizens from Qatar and Gulf (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and United Arab Emirates) who are currently studying in USA (Indiana) by organizing events and achieve it through social media or website to help everyone.
Qatari In Indy club shall follow the Islamic and Qatari principles in the organization of events or activities, such as respect for all people's religions, gender, and nationalities and shall not offer alcoholic beverages in any event or activity. The Qatari in Indy club shall abide by the Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis policies, and procedures in every event or activity that shall be organized.
Qatari presenter (President) - shall be voted by the board members each semester and must be a Qatari student in Indiana, USA. He/She shall be responsible for the events organized by the Qatari in the Indy club. He/She shall update and inform the QIN advisor about upcoming activities and events organized by the club.
Students in the state of Indiana, USA are eligible to be volunteer members in Qatari in Indy club, and they shall follow the club principles and policies by signing disclaiming agreement between the Qatari in Indy club and the volunteer.
Membership in this club is open to all students agreed on the above criteria, irrespective of race creed, color, gender, class, age, a nation of origin, nationality, disability, marital status, religion, veteran status, or sexual orientation.
Election of the president and officers shall be held during the first three weeks of each semester, based on the old board members committee of the Qatari in Indy club. The new president is responsible for the announcement of the new election results, and the number of votes shall be announced based on the votes gathered by the candidates during an election.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Qatari In Indy Club Constitution and By-laws Assignment, n.d.)
The Qatari In Indy Club Constitution and By-laws Assignment.
(The Qatari In Indy Club Constitution and By-Laws Assignment)
The Qatari In Indy Club Constitution and By-Laws Assignment.
“The Qatari In Indy Club Constitution and By-Laws Assignment”.
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