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Effects of Time Exposure to Language - Assignment Example

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This paper “ Effects of Time Exposure to Language” attempts to analyze various studies and historical pieces of evidence that support such a fact and understands the difficulties faced by Arabic students. The copula, or rather the omission of the copula is one error…
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Effects of Time Exposure to Language
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Extract of sample "Effects of Time Exposure to Language"

Download file to see previous pages Arabic is a Semitic language comprising of twenty-eight alphabets, while English is a West Germanic language comprised of twenty-six alphabets. However, unlike in the English language, there are no sounds or letters equivalent to English ‘P’ and ‘V’ in Arabic. Similarly, there are various letters and sounds which do not exist in English. For instance, the throaty sound “ayn” in Arabic, which is produced by squeezing the throat has no equivalent in any of the Western languages. Certain Arabic letters symbolize certain sounds are written in English with the help of two letters, for example, the word ‘sheen’ which makes a “sh” sound or the combination of alphabets such as “the” which makes a sound. In Arabic different letters are used to symbolize different sounds, unlike in English, where the same combination of letters is used. For example, a different alphabet is used to denote a sound made from the letters as in “thin” and an entirely different alphabet is used to denote the sound made from the word “the” as they both sound different. Another key difference between the two language structures is that in Arabic the nouns are either feminine or masculine and the verbs and adjectives are used to match the nouns, in accordance with their gender. Also, the case endings are used to assign different parts of speech, in Arabic, i.e., subject, object, preposition, etc. There is only one type of script in Arabic, unlike in English where there are capital letters (or upper case), lower case, or cursive writing. /Since there is no copula in Arabic there is a major difference in spoken as well as written English by Arabic students. For example, The Arabic equivalent of the English sentence: “He is a teacher” would be “He teacher”. Similarly, other differences are the absence of third-person singular in Arabic, which often leads to incorrect sentence formation. Also, there are no capital letters in Arabic, which causes a lot of difficulty in terms of writing, for Arab students learning English (Ryding, 2005; McCarthy, 2002; Shay, 2008). 
The omission of Copula in Arabic
Various studies conducted by researchers point towards a general trend of non-English speakers of Arab origin to ignore or omit the use of copula (Scott & Tucker, 1974; Asfoor, 1978; Assubaiai, 1979; Beck, 1979). For example, common sentences such as You said you were not tired is written by Arabic students as You said you not tired, and the sentence He is intelligent is often written as He intelligent. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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