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Social Groups - Essay Example

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In the United States, working a forty hour week meets only the minimum requirement when it comes to time spent making money to support ones self and family members. Many citizens work even longer hours, often working until late into the night just to wake up and do it again the next day…
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Social Groups
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Download file to see previous pages In European countries it seems that more emphasis is placed on the enjoyment of life, and not necessarily an enjoyment of money. In America it is often believed that fun and enjoyment cannot be had without spending money, whereas in Europe citizens learn to enjoy the simpler aspects of life and pleasures that come free of cost.
The main difference between the work ethics of Americans and Europeans is that the United States is a more capitalistic society. 1.) "Capitalism is a system of wage based labor and commodity production for sale, exchange, and profit rather than for immediate use of the producers" (Scott). In the United States, citizens feel that they have to work in order to enjoy life. They hold the philosophy that one must work in order to receive. Americans believe that everyone is out for themselves and that if one wants to improve their quality of life they must work for it. 2.) While the United States work ethic is definitely money oriented, it is not purely capitalistic. 4.) The United States government has adapted some practices with a socialist background and applied them to the American way of life. Examples of these practices can be seen in free education for all, free healthcare for those that qualify, free food and food stamps for those that are in need, etc.
In Europe, many citizens enjoy a more relaxed work schedule with longer weekends and more vacati ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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