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Sexual health is influenced by multifaceted interrelated factors. It ranges from sexual activities and attitudes and societal interference to biological hazard and genetic inclination. Not everybody knows that sexual health encompasses a broader scope than sex itself…
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Download file to see previous pages It is also important to know that sexual health is affected by socio-economic and political factors.
The physical factors include chronic illnesses and even medical treatment that hinders the sexual functioning of the human being. These also include sexually related diseases such as STIs/ HIV and reproductive tract infections. Infertility also contributes to sexual health problem. And this does not only serve as a physical factor but also emotional and mental.
Among the mental factors, mental incapacity hinders us in achieving optimum sexual health. Retardation as a hindrance, have an effect on the sexual urges and the perceptions of a person suffering from mental retardation on sexuality. Anxiety and fear on the other hand is a by-factor of sexual coercions like rape and molestations. When anxiety is developed, a person looks at sexual relationship as a non-gratifying behaviour. When this happens, a person's sexual health is at risk.
Social factors on the other hand go beyond medical concerns. These include sexual awareness leading to unwanted pregnancies, which can also have disturbing effects on the health of the women. It may also be linked with sexual coercion. Limited knowledge on safe sex also hinders general sexual health. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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