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Sexual Relations - Essay Example

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My research proposal is in response to the ineffectiveness of Abstinence-only programs, whereas I'm in favor of comprehensive sexuality education to all cadres of people and to all age groups. Although I would have been a staunch supporter of Abstinence-only programs, because our moral and religious virtues have gone down the gutters, and we need to fix them since we would be held answerable in the hereafter as well, but being realistic, I know nothing can be done now, until and unless people of our kind do some drastic moral changes…
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Sexual Relations
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Download file to see previous pages The mention of virtue is ridiculed, and even the word itself has fallen out of favor" (1928).
Most of what we are seeing these days is a loss of virtue, of family values and religious beliefs. These are the exact same things ignorance to which is leading us into social disarray. So realizing the limitation and strength of faith of people in general in taking initiative towards self redemption, I believe that they need to be comprehensively informed in the subject of sexual education, primarily to equip them to make better decisions and safe guard their health.
No matter how much help we take from religion to propagate abstinence, although if we would have adhered to our respective religions and be good practitioners, things wouldn't be in such dire straits, but publics' general tendency is to turn a deaf year to such sermons. Preventing access to sexual health information has been counterproductive, and trying to force feed abstinence through misinformation breeds frustration, mistrust and rebelliousness (Abstinence-only programs, 2006).
My focus would be the student lot, specifically the ones undergoing graduate or undergraduate programs. The reason to this is that students younger than this age group are generally not aware of their sexuality, and are mostly devoid of sexual temptation which leads to intercourse. Age group elder then this is generally more aware, although not much can be expected out of them in moral issues, but they would definitely act more responsibly and carefully. So the students in graduate and under graduate level are a group in limbo, since these students are now aware of their sexuality and are tempted to experiment, they are prone to make mistakes and regret later since they are less aware of ECPs and STDs.
Literature Review
Abstinence-only sexuality programs
Abstinence is a virtue which cannot be practiced individually, it is an evident truth seen throughout history, this is ever so evident in teen students, until and less abstinence is inculcated in children by stick. Conducting programs which preach teen students to abstain from intercourse has little effect, as it is only helpful in delaying the inevitable for just an iota more. In fact, whenever these teens succumb to the worldly desires, they are ever more vulnerable in contracting sexually transmitted diseases because they are dangerously ill informed in the use of contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases. Students who promise to refrain exhibit a higher inclination towards unsafe sex as compared to students who don't challenge their will power to subdue their covetousness (Bearman and Brueckner, 2001; Walters, 2005).
The proof to failure to desist became evermore apparent in a latest study held countrywide where sophomores underwent abstinence regimen and some did not, and the reports indicated that there was no proportional difference in the endeavors taken towards sexual experiences ("Study:Abstinence," 2007; Trenholm et al., 2007).
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