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To make a lasting contribution in the media field - Essay Example

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That is my long term goal in pursuing PHD studies. I always like to study, for studying gives me knowledge which I could apply in the professional world. Just like the older folks in my hometown always say, "Knowledge is something no one could ever steal"…
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To make a lasting contribution in the media field
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Extract of sample "To make a lasting contribution in the media field"

Download file to see previous pages This shortage affects Middle East itself and affects the other nations who are involved in the region. The shortage of mentors and researchers will hinder the media aspirants to pursue the study. I planned to be skilled in Middle East media issues for such expertise is in urgent need. I foresee myself doing further researches, teaching and consulting work related to the media field. By pursuing PHD, I can now help my country by mentoring those who have great interest in the field of media and journalism and I am sure that your university will be the best place to help me achieve my goals.
In my application for this studentship, I wanted to focus on "News Media and the Dynamics of Terrorism". I am confident that my academic background and job experiences are few of the many factors which will help me succeed in doing this research.
First of all, I have the appropriate academic background and professional experience in the news editing, writing and analyzing. I have a 5 year experience in a newspaper and magazine company. I have also taken up master's education focusing in Media Production which is a scholarship granted to me by British Council. The background of my education alone gives me enough competence to deal with the researched subject which is to analyze and understand the audience reaction towards the "influence of news coverage to the general publics understanding of terrorism".
Beside that, being a journalist from Middle East gives me a significant knowledge about the cultural dimension of the subject in which the research questions will be answer in full understanding of all related factors to the subject. My experience as an editor of the international and local news at the first page gives me an opportunity to learn more and do investigative reports on different topics
Being born and raised in Arabic and Islamic country will help me in researching the "news coverage's influence on attitudes towards terrorism among subcultures understanding." Being a native in Arabic language, I can communicate to these communities effectively which is mainly Islamic "Pakistani" and Arabic communities residing in UK and consequently, I will be able to formulate a better solution to integrate them in the society.

Along with consulting and direction from the project supervisor and after doing a deep theoretical research on the project, I plan to answer the project questions by using more than one research techniques.
This research should be conducted in different stages and rolling the ball will motivate and extract publics' opinion toward the issue related to the subject. Surveys, questionnaires and interviews will be conducted to know the audience reaction and attitude toward the news coverage related to the terrorism news. These Surveys, questionnaires and interviews will encompass samples of the public audience and subculture sympathizers' audience. Random survey results will be representing the point of views of different types of correspondents. Interviews to media personalities like editors, producers and anybody related to media and communication industry will also be first-hand providers of information about many factors related to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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