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Media Business: Disney Company - Essay Example

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Debates on the economic and regulations concerning mass media were designed to defend the curiosity of rivalry, multiplicity and localism in the media business. These overlapped regulatory concerns with economics of the law…
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Media Business: Disney Company
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Download file to see previous pages The main aim of communication regulation is to serve the mass interest as technology comes to arise. This speeds up development as it accounts for the changes. The dramatic change in the field of visual media in the market is under delivery presently since there is multiplication in distribution outlets. With the new network programmed in place, degree of consolidation amongst distributors and network providers has arisen thus contributing to a technology upgrade. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) tries to re-evaluate the regulatory curb over ownership of media business through the courts and congress. Branston and Stafford (2010) assert that business media such as the Disney is America’s multinational media production with a listing as America’s largest conglomerate in terms of returns. It started as a cartoon studio owned by two brothers, Walt and Roy, in 1923. It mainly focused on the animation production before later investing on live production of action films, television and travelling. Being the largest in Hollywood, the company is in collaboration with other broadcasting network all over the world, besides music division in America and other parts of the world. This is because of its expansion and division to create as many divisions as possible to get funds that enable it run without any financial support from the government. With its mature expansion all over the world, it gets its financial support from its own divisions other than the family flagship. The successful division in line of music production, the company also gets its financial support from sponsors and advertisement from its media divisions. Even though the government plays a role in financial support, it is not as enormous as the interest the company receives from its subscribers through other network society. Disney Company drives tremendous talent of creativity which Lucas film has flourished for over 35 years; thus, it offers limitless virtual characters and tales to help drive the film release besides franchise growth over time. Hence, the star wars echo with clients around the globe creates wide-ranging prospect for the delivery of good business across the assorted portfolio. These include games, themes, movies and products that are of the essence of the consumer. Franchises give it a sustainable income of high quality, branded at ease with world demand, and are as well suitable for business replica in the platform of digital production; thus, there is a promise of growth for the company (Kohli 2010). The acquisition of Lucas film contributed to the success of Disney in taking over Pixar and Marvel. With this at hand, the company gained the ability to develop and maintain its divisions globally since it had proved the strength of its financial potential through marketable and quality creativity with innovative techniques that include but not restricted to storytelling and compelling personas as well as multi-platform allotment. This has enabled the company to serve its clients with a wide variety of global highest quality at ease and hence create supplementary value for its stakeholders widely. Safko and Brake (2009) further explains that Disney Company is a media conglomerate; being that it has the capability of joining with various large and small-scale corporations to operate widely in other America states alongside cutting across the transnational decree. This was possible after the management of the Disney Company merged it with other bigger companies in the United States through ownership consolidation, for example, melding the types of media, owning and controlling production aspects, marketing selling of its media products and global distribution of the services. Its horizontal integrations was directed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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