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Understanding advertising media - Essay Example

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Even though the Internet has been exponentially becoming more popular since the start of the 90's there is evidence that it is not a successful advertising medium. The purpose of this paper is to examine why the former occurs.

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Understanding advertising media
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Download file to see previous pages A small conclusion follows at the end of the paper as a summary to the detailed discussion.Internet defines a small network provided that the 'i' is not capitalized. "The Internet" however, defines the Internet of internets and is the immense global network spread all over the globe. A formal definition can be summarized as "a global networks that links thousands of computers by data lines and wireless systems".According to the Wikipedia web site the predecessor of the Internet is called "ARPAnet" (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), and was originally employed as one can easily conclude for military purposes by the U.S in 1969. The Internet catalyst today, the core of the Internet in other words, is the NFS (National Science Foundation).Even though the Internet provides a lot more services other than those known to the wider audience such as Telnet and FTP, the paper focuses to the advertising medium of the Internet, namely the WWW (WorldWide Web). The WWW is a hypermedia information system that links computer-based resources around the world. That is includes a lot more than the familiar to most of us microcomputers, namely servers and mainframes and other sharing resources or intangible resources liek database systems that reside in the electronic mediums we are familiar with.
Such resources become available to us through the web browsers. Browsers enable words or icon to display text, video, graphics and sounds on computer screen. The most famous browser to most of us is more likely the Internet Explorer but others like Opera and Mozilla have been catching up in popularity.
90% of the users and using the Internet for email exchange and 77% and 69% for general information and surfing respectively. 46% only are using it for their work and 27% and 26% for stocks' quotes and job searching respectively. Trading and banking are low in the pyramid with 12% and 7% respectively. Apparently the Internet has not become integrated to every day activities yet and its potential remains unknown to the wider public possibly due to ignorance or fear due to inexperience with its working and safety mechanisms. The Internet facilities are mostly used by higher education level persons, at a younger age of 18,5 and high level income. Details of Internet users' activities can be viewed at the Stanford University Web Site at Advertising Format
Advertising techniques employed are the banners displayed on web pages, the key words entered in search engines, sponsors for web sites and emails send to users, and viral marketing with the use of email addresses a person acquires through the recipient lines of an email. Other common techniques include mobile marketing and a variation like PPS, Kiosk and Podcasts.
The most famous search engine is inarguably Google. With ongoing update on any moment, the Google web site enables chat with MSN, AOL, and Yahoo instant essaging system without any program or Java applet. Banner rates are set on 5 CPM.
The second most popular search engine is Yahoo! with ongoing frequency at any moment that does not charge the customers, while more than 80% of users reach UK Online consumers through partners including: MSN, Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista and others. There are of course of rates for this service.
Another advertising technique has found applicability through the most popular chat client program. MSN Messenger ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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