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This research proposal "Using Social Media to Access your Customers" focuses on the following purpose statement: to identify and analyze the behavior of adult learners on different platforms of social media and investigate factors that incline individuals to respond to advertising on such sites…
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Using Social Media to Access your Customers
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The study will endeavor to identify any ambiguities, as well as disparities in the objectives of social media sites and the ideology of online communities globally. Lastly, the proposed research is foreseeing to acquire an understanding of possible interpretations based on psychological theories of personality that focus on personal importance and satisfaction in relation to individual behavior.
Previously carried out researches play a significant role in any study besides primary researches, and integration of both allows identification and evaluation of possible gaps and findings. For such purpose, the proposed research will identify secondary researches available in academic journals, books, magazines, etc, and will acquire concrete information by carrying out primary research methodologies. In specific, primary research will involve surveys and questionnaires from stakeholders (users, clients, advertisers, etc) of social media sites, as well as case studies on one of the social media sites. For data analysis, the proposed research will consider both quantitative, as well as the qualitative approach allowing statistical and theoretical explanations and understandings related to the identified purpose statement. Read More
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