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Academic and Trade Journals Focusing on Advertising in the Media - Essay Example

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This paper looks at four different journals that emphasize advertising in the media. Of the two academic journals, one is the European Journal of Marketing (EJM) and the other is The Journal of Interactive Advertising (JIAD). …
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Academic and Trade Journals Focusing on Advertising in the Media
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Extract of sample "Academic and Trade Journals Focusing on Advertising in the Media"

Download file to see previous pages The focus is to help build strategies that will help sales initiative. By using contributors from all over the world EJM offers a global viewpoint of issues that involve any industry. Theoretical information is made readable so that practical application is possible; this journal is used by academic libraries and marketing managers alike. Publishers are The Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.The article summarized in this paper was written to analyse three qualitative research themes that are objects of "frustration and confusion" (Gummesson, 2006, p.309) and are: "analysis and interpretation, theory generation and the quest for scientific pluralism and individual methodologies." (ibid.) The basis of this discussion is that complexity, change, chaos and other confusing factors are the characteristics of the market economy.The author feels that marketing has only customer satisfaction and planning as its clout in company boardrooms. He also references Piercy (2002) as saying that there is a "pathology of mediocrity and a process of trivialization" in the academic standards of marketing. He argues that even though quantitative analysis can take marketing studies from "an art to a science", that is not enough. He wants to know if research into marketing can make anything happen.

Gummesson gives examples as to why it is not possible to just get more facts, or data, to find the solutions to marketing problems. The aftermath of the era's boom is an example. He uses both hard factual references and his own philosophical notions to come to his conclusions. He offers up some strategies for the analysis and interpretation of marketing data results.

The fact that research is constrained by researchers having different agendas and incentives gives science a "disparate army of two-legged individual paradigms" says the author, which gives the reader an idea of his creative style as he discusses interactive research methods.

The Journal of Interactive Advertising (JIAD) is a good collection of relevant articles by professionals and academics that give insights into topics such as (Fall 2005 issue) Super Bowl advertising and product review websites. JIAD is produced by both the Department of Advertising at Michigan State University and the Department of Advertising at The University of Texas at Austin. It is published twice a year. The first 2006 issue is not available. Contributors to the journal come from ivy league schools to marketing agencies around the world. Their audience is anyone who may be interested in the subjects that the journal includes.

The article summarized focuses on online auctions as advertising revenue. A study was done of auctions conducted by the Ventura County Star's newspaper online that lasted 12 days each for 7 months. The study decided the effectiveness of this online auction for raising revenue compared to the revenue generated by its online banner advertisements. It also tracked the increase in traffic to the web site based on these auctions. Its findings were that revenues were substantially higher through auctions and that there was also a measurable increase in traf ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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