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This essay describes the connections between the fashion and modern media and also examines the purpose of fashion writing, particularly in today’s highly fashion-sensitive global atmosphere with reference to the Vogue fashion magazine as an example…
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Fashion Media
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Download file to see previous pages Fashion writing may not follow the overall procedural and deontological aspects of professionalism in journalism, particularly because pieces of fashion will most likely be trends and tendencies that are purely subjective or speculative. Fashion writing encompasses a number of varied tasks including, but not limited to, writing or editing articles, formulation and styling of fashion shoots, researching and/or conducting interviews, as well as, establishing contacts with significant people in the fashion industry such as photographers, and designers. Fashion and media have been inseparable entities over the years since media plays a very significant core role in the fashion industry; this has instigated the rise of a distinctive area in media known as fashion journalism. Editorial critique, guidelines, and commentaries in television, magazines, newspapers, fashion websites, social networks, as well as, in fashion blogs over the internet have increasingly become significant outlets through which trends and fashion tips spread worldwide. The primary significance of fashion media in the fashion industry can be inferred from the pervasiveness of fashion magazines and various media outlets through which people all over the world can learn about fashion making it accessible. Fashion magazines such as the Vogue or the Runway Magazine, fashion segments on entertainment shows, as well as shows dedicated to fashion such as Fashion Television, in addition to, fashion blogs and press coverage provides publicity for the fashion industry (Iannacci, 2011). Vogue fashion magazine Founded in 1892 by Arthur Turnure, the Vogue magazine is an American fashion and lifestyle magazine, which is...
This essay describes the intricate relationship between fashion and media that has evolved over the years, leading to the establishment of the distinctive field of fashion writing or fashion journalism, which exclusively focuses on fashion trends and tendencies in the modern age. The primary significance of fashion media in the fashion industry can be associated with the ubiquity of fashion magazines and various media outlets through which people all over the world can learn about fashion making it accessible. In recent times, fashion has been re-evaluated, not only in terms of its credibility as an area of scholarly investigation, but also in terms of its place, particularly in western cultures. Fashion debates in fashion writing have often dwelt on the similarities and differences between fashion and art. The rise of innovative communication tools such as the internet and the pervasiveness of media in mainstream society have further enhanced the relationship between media and the fashion industry. Presently, editorial critiques, guidelines, and commentaries in television, magazines, newspapers, fashion websites, social networks, as well as, in fashion blogs over the internet have increasingly become significant outlets through which trends and fashion tips spread worldwide. To conclude, the researcher sums up the purposes of modern fashion writing and states that fashion writing provides critiques of the fashion industry, particularly on new trends and tendencies, or pieces of designers in the fashion world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fashion Media

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