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Influence of fashion/fitness magazine - Research Paper Example

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The research of this paper shall discuss the hypothesis that: studying fashion and fitness magazines and critically analyzing the tips and techniques they offer may turn out to be highly beneficial in respect of observing fitness and vigor…
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Influence of fashion/fitness magazine
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Download file to see previous pages role in this regards where the printed and electronic material can be accessed very easily in order to have acquaintance with the technological, political and social life of the pole-apart zones. The same is applied to the fashion and fitness magazines, which significantly contribute to deciding and determining the liking, disliking and tastes of the people by adopting various fashion aspects out of the multiple choice the brands and products offer to them. Thus, fashion advertizing tremendously affects cultural patterns of the societies. “Fashion advertising is an excellent example of identity-image producing media. The nature of the product is tied directly to identity—those objects with which we encase our bodies for public display—and fashion is acknowledged as a cultural language of style.” (Rhodes & Zuloago, 2003) Fashion and fitness journals, magazines and periodicals are not only creating awareness among the masses regarding the latest trends, but also are highly supportive in respect of creating hegemony and universality by the powerful ideas and refined inventiveness. Had there no literature available in the market, there could be overwhelming diversity in culture, in respect of selection of attire, behavior and professional activities. “Vogue magazine functioned in America not only to provide sketches and patterns of fashions derived from Paris models, but also to promote French couture.” (Brown Education) Thus, people could not admire artistic talents and fascinating innovations changing fashion trends bring to society is their wake without following the fashion modes explicitly described and mentioned in the printed and electronic fitness material. During 18th and 19th centuries, drawing and then photographs were used to inform the individuals...
The paper presents that since technological advancement of contemporary era has revolutionized every field of life, it has also provided the people with the vast opportunities of having access to the magazines and journals of their choice through the internet. Consequently, people do not buy print copies of fashion and fitness magazines, but could also study them at their computers in order to get acquaintance with the modern fashion trends and fitness tips. Frederick et al have conducted their study on the topic under analysis under the title “Do representations of male muscularity differ in men’s and women’s magazines?” where the authors have elaborated the similarities and differences in description of muscularity in male and female magazines. The writers are of the opinion that since both males and females look to attract each other on the basis of their level of fitness, they emphasize and accelerate the same by exaggerating their fitness magnitude in order to capture the attention of the members of opposite gender to a great extent. Consequently, males pretend to be more muscular and brawny by highlighting their body muscles and claim to be having high stamina and vigor; similarly, females tend to display extreme slimness and smartness with excellent figure and light weight, in order to present themselves as the most delicate creatures in the eyes of the male readers. However, the trends of presenting one as most attractive and bewitching before others is a universal phenomenon, and has been in vogue for centuries, no one can escape from the same altogether. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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