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Research on the initiative of audience in network news communication - Dissertation Example

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The Effects of Fashion Television Program on Eating Disorders of Women: Japanese and Chinese Women as Case Study Abstract Television fashion programs have become an integral part of women’s perspectives on fashion, glamour and style in the real world. It is deliberate attempt of the producers of such programs to make a persuasive impact on the female viewers of the style and glamour of the fantasy world…
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Download file to see previous pages In this era of changing fashion trends, television plays a big role in deciding the kind of fashion in terms of clothes and accessories that will dominate the youth’s desire. Since the inception of television and films, the goal has been to influence the viewers to buy products since the filmmakers are aware of the impact moving pictures can make on viewers. This study has investigated the impact of television fashion programs on Japanese and Chinese women selected on random basis from media and journalism schools and colleges, and also from health and social care centers. The desire to emulate television models and celebrities is strong among the respondents, and this induces them to change their eating habits to change their weight. They consider Western fashion as depicted by television programs as superior to their traditional culture, hence they often indulge in compulsive shopping to acquire clothes and accessories as promoted by these programs. Contents I. Introduction …………………………………………………3 II. Literature review…………………………………………….7 III. Methodology…………………………………………………23 IV. ...
Appendix ..................................................................................72 I. Introduction In this current age of increasingly pervasive beauty and fashion awareness, the requirement of a slim body figure has become as important as one’s IQ. Therefore, it is not surprising that women of all age groups are getting more and more conscious about their body image. The growing tendency in the fashion world to represent beautiful women as having hourglass figure goes against the traditional belief that beauty is inherent and that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. The constant provocations caused by perfect size figures in televisions and magazine covers in the fashion world urges women to shift to a new slimmer figure. The craze for size zero has induced women and especially young girls to take desperate measures making those who lack this so called perfect figure to suffer from inferiority complex. Although body image consciousness is prevalent among both genders, it is however more apparent among women because they are more vocal about their feelings. Unlike men, the common subject of topic between women is what they like or what they do not like about their body parts. It is a known fact that every woman desires to keep a positive perception of her body image. This can be achieved only when a woman feels comfortable with her body and feels good about the way she looks. It is a common phenomenon that women struggle to keep their body in shape through various measures like doing exercise, swimming, dieting or skipping meals altogether. The feeling of a negative body image can induce women to indulge in over exercise or eating disorder habits which cause harmful impacts on body. Every woman has her own idea of body image and develops ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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