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Develop an online strategy to create advertising to improve business - Essay Example

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Online Advertisement Strategy Name of the Student University Introduction Electronic commerce also known as e-commerce is a technology that allows users to buy and sell products and services over digital platforms (Bhasker, 2006). The buying and selling process is however conducted over the online digital platforms such as the computer networks or the internet…
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Develop an online strategy to create advertising to improve business
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Extract of sample "Develop an online strategy to create advertising to improve business"

Download file to see previous pages With the colossal development of technology, e-commerce has now become one of the important business tools for small and large business houses across the globe. E-commerce is not just used as the technology for promoting sales, but is also used as a tool for engaging customers and remaining in touch with them (Gao, 2013). Furthermore, e-commerce is one of the cheapest forms of business transaction. Along with that it has mass reach (Goel, 2007). One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce technology is that it has no time limitations and companies can use this technology to carry out business operation across the whole day. The labor cost and delivery time also get reduced to a great extent thereby reducing the overall cost of operation (Alsmadi, Alhami & Alsmadi, 2009). Studies have shown that e-commerce market is growing at a robust rate (Ecommerce-land, 2004). When it started the market value of e-commerce business was considerably less, but according to latest reports, the global e-commerce market has reached $1 trillion reflecting a growth of 21.1% market share. Forecasters have predicted that this year the market will grow further and will touch $1.298 trillion worldwide reflecting a growth of 18.3% (Emarketer, 2013). ...
With a staggering 384 million internet users, e-commerce provides companies with the opportunity to expand business and increase the overall revenue. Therefore it can be affirmed that recommending Mary and Joe Johnson to implement e-commerce technology for their business operation is fully justified. The next sections of the study will throw light on the certain aspects of e-commerce and its associated concepts. Importance and Features of a Website The growth and development of technology have influenced a number of firms across the world to implement new systems for enhancing their overall productivity. The emergence of internet has taken the use of technology for business to the next level. Eminent scholars and industry experts have stated that internet has actually changed the way of business transaction is carried out. Furthermore, it has also played pivotal roles in the improving business communication and the flow of information across the organization hierarchy (Jagoda, 2010). A company considering e-commerce implementation for business transaction should also encompass a website, which is the platform over which business deals will be carried out. A website is defined as a collection of different ‘web pages’ under a single domain name. Websites are powerful and cost effective marketing tools as well. In addition, a company having its own website increases the chances of getting recognized and remains visible in the marketplace. Some of the key features of a website are as follows: - 1. Provide Information: - The most important feature of a website is that it provides information to the users about the subject of concern. It not only offer the users with ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Develop an Online Strategy to Create Advertising to Improve Business Essay.
“Develop an Online Strategy to Create Advertising to Improve Business Essay”, n.d.
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