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The research question formulated seems to explore and expand the knowledge on the subject but not to a substantial level; one reason could be that the question is not much clear and it could have been improved. The investigator was able to highlight the significance of the topic and explain the methodology with its objectives…
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Critical Analysis of BMJ article on systemic review of the literature
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Extract of sample "Critical Analysis of BMJ article on systemic review of the literature"

Download file to see previous pages The investigator followed the logical sequence and could comment on the work already done in the area. He was able to discuss on the gaps in the literature.
Though the investigator described the methodology used and completed the study following literature review but the methodology used was not as suggested for this purpose while presenting rationale for this research. The investigator critiqued that the previous reviews were either narrative or quasi-experimental design and could not assess the effectiveness of the isolation measures therefore, he proposed a better review for valid inferences. The best methodology for this purpose is meta-analysis which has been described by Glass as "Meta-analysis refers to the analysis of analyses...the statistical analysis of a large collection of analysis results from individual studies for the purpose of integrating the findings."
Although this research was carried out through a literature review process but in individual studies the investigator focused on the experiences of the patients; their stay in the hospital, course of disease and any other accompanying feature.
The methodology and processes used in the analysis of the data were very well narrated and elaborated by the investigator, which reflects the grasp of the investigator on the subject area. He remained unbiased in the analysis of the literature review as he gave full attention to the errors and the issue of bias involved in these studies at individual level.

8. Credibility:
The evidence of the ownership of the participants in the research could not be explored and validated. An explicit expression regarding this finding was not found.

9. Audability:
The investigator has been successful in keeping the reader with him. He has been able to keep the interest of the reader alive. Although the review is difficult than meta-analysis to follow because the latter has got more scientific components involved especially at the level of analysis which uses some statistically methodology and this way makes the process simpler one.

10. Fittingness:
Yes, findings of the study are generalizable. Out of the final 46 studies, 32 were with the findings, which were similar to the measures taken for MRSA reduction anywhere. Eighteen of these were weak as far as methodology or interpretation of the results was concerned while six were the strongest which were longer time series studies. This way methodology was the central point that contributed much in the strength of any study to be ranked high for more reliable results and generalizability.
11. Confirmability:
Yes, the findings of the study convey the whole message as far as the experience of different players involved, the ownership, the understanding of the reader and application of the research findings. Even though the methodology was not strong for the subject (literature review vs. meta-analysis) but the investigator ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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