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The article titled ‘Missile Science, Population Science: The Origins of China’s One-Child Policy’ by Susan Greenhalgh attempts to trace the origins of China’s one-child-for-virtually-all policy. The article provides comprehensive account of the role of Song Jian in the…
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Review scholarly article
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Article Review The article d ‘Missile Science, Population Science: The Origins of China’s One-Child Policy’ by Susan Greenhalgh attempts to trace the origins of China’s one-child-for-virtually-all policy. The article provides comprehensive account of the role of Song Jian in the introduction and application of the policy. There is a detailed description of the circumstances that led towards the development of the policy and the application of the scientific methods to the problem of population and the role of these scientific methods in the development of the policy. Initially, it was known that the growing population in China is a problem but this issue was not given any significant attention. The scientific research for military purposes was the primary avenue for government spending. However, it was realized that the government needed to divert its attention towards more prominent problems therefore the scientific research being done for military purposes was converted into a civilian research. The budget allocated to military research was diverted towards research for the solution of the problem of increasing population in China. Resultantly, Song Jian came up with a scientific method that was accountable for the creation of the policy. According to the article, “The Song group profoundly recast the population problem by revealing the precise numerical extent of that increase, and by drawing attention to the fearful environmental consequences of a gargantuan growth in human numbers.”
The main thesis of this article is the exploration of China’s population science and policy in the formative years from 1978 to 1980. The article supports its thesis by considering the different phases of the issue i.e. the way the issue of the population if perceived, the policy solution to the problem and the strategy designed to enforce the policy solution. The article also considers the role of Song Jian comprehensively because the process of policy-making holds special interest because it provides insight into the political dynamics behind the policy and also because the consequences of the policy, according to the author, have been so far-reaching and so troubling.
The article is structured in a logical manner which makes it easy for the readers to follow the information being provided by the article. The article starts with a comprehensive introduction that provides the reader with all the information that is necessary to understand the theme of the article in its entirety. The introduction is followed by the main thesis statement of the article which has been comprehensively described by the author. The article progresses in a logical manner with the chronology of the events. Initially, the article provides information regarding the importance given to the science research related to military, how the focus of the research moved towards the problem of increasing population, how the policy was introduced, and how the policy was enforced through the enforcement strategy.
The main theme of the article is reflected in a logical manner and the arguments have been supported by the primary and secondary sources, and literature on the issue. The thesis is supported through significant information regarding the research endeavors conducted by the governmental authorities and the later conversion of the focus towards the issue of population. The main thesis of the article is insightful as it tries to explore the underlying facts that led towards the determination of the policy and the subsequent endeavors by the authorities in order to ensure the enforcement of the policy.
Works Cited
Greenhalgh, Susan. “Missile Science, Population Science: The Origins of China’s One-Child Policy.” The China Quarterly, 2005. 253 – 276. Print. Read More
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