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Using a Database and Library Catalog - Book Report/Review Example

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I typed the phrase “Food Justice” in the first field and used Boolean connectors AND and OR. I searched “food justice” AND (system analysis OR policy)…
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Using a Database and Library Catalog
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Download file to see previous pages Through this research I found the journal by the title “Growing food justice by planting an anti-oppression foundation: opportunities and obstacles for a budding social movement.”
A.S.P.E.CT- This is an abbreviation for A: Authority, S: Sources, P: Purpose, E: Evenness, C: Coverage and T: Timeliness. This criterion for evaluating articles or information from websites is by IRIS (information and research instruction suite). Authority is about if the site or the publisher that sponsored the source is legitimate. The URL of the source is .edu and hence it can be reliable. The author, Joshua Sbicca, is also a qualified author as he has written many more work such as “The Need to Feed: Urban Metabolic Struggles of Actually Existing Radical Projects.” published in 2013. Sources is about the legitimacy of the facts and figures presented. The identified source has 56 references which supports the facts and figures in it. The site where we found the source was created for the purpose of research, thus, it is in line with the purpose of the source. The evenness of the site is that the organization, shoreline, was created for the purpose of serving the community with reading and research materials hence it is unbiased and is not influenced by external forces. On the coverage, the source talks about “Growing food justice by planting an anti-oppression foundation” which is related to my search. The site is also well updated as indicated by the “Copyright © 2014.” Hence it follows the time factor in ASPECT.
To access my book, I went to the Sno-isle library online database and typed “food justice policy.” I limited my search to “books” but left search field to “any field.” this search resulted in a long list of books. I did a quick review of the books presented and finally I settled on “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of food rights: the escalating battle over who decides what we eat” by Gumpert because it was more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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