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The paper 'An Impact of Public Smoking Bans' presents health and medical practitioners and scholars, but may as well be used for general information. The article is a scientific paper that investigates the effects of public smoke bans in Canada and seeks to shed light on the much-debated subject…
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An Impact of Public Smoking Bans
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Neiman et al is a point on the article as it focuses on the topic on my interest as it gives evidence to my argument. The findings of their study that the ban has led to reduced second-hand smoking by the use of empirical evidence validate my study and is a worthwhile source. The study shows where the ban has been applied, substantial success has been observed as it focuses on the municipalities of Canada a d measures exposure rates, comparing them to data before the ban. I would recommend this source although most of the issues discussed are at an advanced level, and the review part is rather taxing to follow. Patience is required in using it, as the list of sources is endless.
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