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Should be banned or not smoking in the sociery - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Should Smoking be banned in the Society? What is smoking? Smoking has variously been defined as being the inhalation of smoke that is being emitted by burning tobacco that happens to be encased in cigars, pipes or even cigarettes…
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Should be banned or not smoking in the sociery
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Should be banned or not smoking in the sociery

Download file to see previous pages... Some of these arguments are seen to include. Why Smoking should not be banned in Society Proponents of smoking point out that most societies accept that adults can be able to decide to cause some form of harm to their individual selves as long as such harm is not seen to extend to other individuals. As such, the imposition of smoking bans in public places is not essentially valid as passive smokers who do not wish to involuntarily inhale tobacco smoke should naturally avoid going to places where smoking has been allowed. Proponents of smoking point out that as a result of its being legal for individuals to be allowed to smoke, it is essentially not within the rights of governments to try and cause people to desist from smoking. Smokers are not a liability to anyone as they are able to find their own healthcare via the relatively high taxes that they happen to pay on tobacco and in any case, any efforts by the government to try and dissuade smokers from smoking would be extremely difficult as heavy smokers are normally seen to be addicted to nicotine and cannot be able to give up on smoking easily. It is also pointed out that any attempts to ban smoking in public spaces would have the involuntary effect of driving most clubs, bars and pubs out of business as smokers would avoid going to such places. These businesses would also be seen to run the risk of generating less revenue by any bans on tobacco sales (Whittingdale 130). In most places, pubs are seen to be social communal centers that aid in bringing the members of a given community together and in addition to this function, they also provide ample job opportunities for individuals that might happen to be having relatively few job skills. As opposed to attempting to place a ban on smoking, pubs should be encouraged to set up non-smoking bars to cater for the needs of the non-smoking patrons. There is a relatively large number of non-smokers who are seen to be working in smoky environments and do not seem to mind it. Most individuals are of the view that it is better for them to be working in the smoky job environment as opposed to the unenviable option of not having any job at all. In the event that an organization happens to employ a large number of non-smokers, it is possible for the company to invest in the installation of ventilation fans to help in removing the smoke from the office. Why Smoking should be banned in Society Scientists have been able to show that smoking is fraught with a number of dangers as it can lead to cancer, heart disease and stroke. According to Hong, the use of tobacco is largely considered to be the single largest cause of cases of preventable cancer deaths across the world. Cigarette smoking is estimated to account for an approximated over 1 million cancer deaths in the world each year, with a staggering ninety percent of lung cancer incidents and mortality cases being attributed to smoking (386). In addition to this menace, smoking has been shown to not only harm the smokers, but also any people who might happen to be near the smoking individual in what is commonly referred to as passive smoking. Although the smoker makes the active decision to engage in smoking, the people around the smoker essentially do not make the decision to smoke in a passive manner and as such, a complete ban on smoking in society should be effected so as to effectively protect such individuals. The enforcement of a ban on smoking would serve to encourage smokers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shoud Smoking in Public Areas be Banned
Smoking in open and enclosed public areas is banned in many parts of the world but it is not enforced vigorously and most of the time it is left to personal good judgment. We need to enforce the prohibition of this hazardous practice rather vigorously to ensure compliance.
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
Smoking in public places should be banned
Smoking is no longer considered as a stress reliever and is considered hazardous not only to the smoker himself but also to those who are present around him. For the smoker, it is active smoking; while, for those around him it is called passive smoking in which people inhale the smoke of cigarettes because of a smoker present in the surrounding.
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Should Cigarette Smoking be Banned
The reluctance on smoking ban is on the side of not only smokers, but also the federal government. The federal government controls the use of marijuana and marijuana products. This is an indication that any decision to control tobacco and tobacco products could easily pass constitutional muster.
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
Smoking Should Be Banned
They used it to mark their important events like funerals and weddings. Lately, the common medium of smoking is through cigarettes. Others include pipes and cigars. Smoking is becoming more and more rampant and business men have found it to be an exceptionally lucrative business to engage in.
4 Pages(1000 words)Research Paper
Should smoking be banned in public places
However, the main reason why cigarette smoking should be banned from public places is that its smoke, also called passive smoke, can caused harm to those near the smoker or within the enclosed vicinity. Inhaling smoke from a cigarette smoker will cause similar health problems as the smoker will have.
7 Pages(1750 words)Essay
Smoking in public places should be banned
In addition to its unpleasant smell, smoking in public causes health risk to adults and especially children. The actions taken to make smoking in public illegal are sensible and timely. Banning smoking in public is more than just a health issue, it is a social imperative that makes sense and should be supported.
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Should cigarette smoking be banned
Cigarettes, consisting of tobacco, is one of the common drugs in the society and is legal in many jurisdictions, such as in the United States. Even though it may have benefits to some members of the society, its
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Why smoking should be banned
However, the health and economic disadvantages of cigarettes sales and smoking surpasses the economic benefits. This means that cigarettes sales in markets should be banned. Cigarette sales in markets should be banned because of its
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Should cigarette smoking be banned
Cigarettes also harm the environment. According to Dr. Robert N Proctor, who works in Stanford University, “Cigarette smoking should be banned because it is a danger to people, society and to the environment (Proctor 1)”. This simply
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Should cigarette smoking be banned
Carcinogens are chemicals that can cause cancer in the human body. Some of the chemicals include and not limited to; carbon monoxide, tar, nicotine among others. Reports indicate that there are approximately 1.1 billion
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