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Smoking in Public Should be Banned - Research Proposal Example

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In the paper “Smoking in Public Should be Banned” the author focuses on smoking in public, which poses great risks to young children because they have very low immunity against diseases. Over one in five children are exposed to secondhand smoke at home, where workplace bans don’t reach…
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Smoking in Public Should be Banned
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, public smoking tends to inspire immature minds like those of young kids and youngsters. Their frail minds accept public smoking as pop culture, and they also start following the same trend. Mature people understand the hazards related to smoking, but young minds are not familiar with the hazardous nature of smoking. Children tend to have a less-developed ability of decision-making or critical thinking; so, they cannot realize what is wrong with what they are watching, and their minds learn or absorb every act they see. Wishik (1963, p.535) states, “As one looks around to see 18 and 19-year-old boys and girls smoking, one is impressed with the number of them who have already become heavy smokers.” Public smoking is an important example of pop culture that tends to destroy young minds with hazardous fascination. Nonetheless, there is a counter-argument. Despite so many health hazards connected to smoking in public, yet it is also a fact that the government earns great revenue through smokers. Banning smoking in public will reduce the extent of smoking to a great deal; and, this will reduce the revenue earned. Johnson and Gazette (2009, par.10) mention an article in the New York Times, according to which “the government collected more than $19 billion in cigarette taxes in 2007 alone. Additionally, the federal government receives approximately $8 billion from tobacco taxes each year.” Thus, we can say that our economy profoundly depends upon the taxes paid by smokers. If smoking in public gets banned, the owners of the public places like bars and restaurants will start losing their customers, which will reduce their sales. For example, if a restaurant bans smoking, this will make the smokers go to some other place to smoke. This will result in the reduction of restaurant sales, thus affecting its market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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