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My Educational Philosophy A Reflective Comparison - Essay Example

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The interviewee tended to have approximately 3 years of classroom experience. However, this teacher was aptly qualified and certainly imbued with a sense of mission, his response and communication revealed a diluted tone of cynicism and doubt. To some extent, I could identify with her in the sense that I do believe that a pursuit of teaching as a profession, at least in the initial stages, is as much about self-identification and adaptation, as about imparting education and instruction to one's students…
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My Educational Philosophy A Reflective Comparison
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Download file to see previous pages An interaction with this teacher furnished me with valid insights into the fact that my own educational philosophy at this stage was in a nascent stage, a loose assortment of theoretical facts and unpracticed skills. After interviewing this teacher, I realized that teaching, as any other profession always happens to be an evolutionary and lifelong process and that a teacher freshly embarking on this mission needs to have ample patience and open-mindedness to accrue experience and to ward of any ensuing frustration or fatigue. One other thing about this teacher, which especially impressed me, was her adeptness and expertise as to the usage of computers and audio-visual devices to impart education. For this teacher, computer literacy happened to be a part of a modern and contemporary education system. Later on, after introspection and analysis, I agreed that computer literacy certainly enhanced the scope of education manifold and decided to make the available audio-visual and digital media an integral part of my approach towards education. I realized that though a relatively inexperienced teacher may lack in flow, young teachers definitely command an edge in computer literacy and digital expertise, which they can exploit to impart education.
Interviewee II (5 Years Experience)
Interviewing this teacher was soothing in the sense that he seemed to be quiet settled in his chosen vocation. Communicating with him made me realize that the personality and body language of the teacher does play a crucial and central role in the classroom interactions. The ease and facility with which this teacher solicited the confidence and response of his students was indicative of a deep sense of respect for the nascent and ingenious ideas and views of the pupils. After interviewing him, my personal belief that education always stands to be a two way process further strengthened. This reinforced my faith in the axiological aspect of teaching. I realized that though a teacher introduces one's students to novel and relevant views, information and ideas, still, such similar sounding concepts do have a divergent impact on all the students, once filtered through their personal beliefs and values. Hence, education is not only the conveyor of values, but also happens to be a modifier of values as well.
Interviewee III (10 Years Experience)
Interacting with this teacher was both heartening and disappointing at the same time. She turned out to be a diehard rationalist given to hardcore logic. Though, logic stands to be an inalienable part of my personal education philosophy, after interviewing this personality I realized that an excess of logic may blind one towards ephemeral aspects of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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