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Abu ‘Ali al-Husayn ibn Sina is one of the most important philosophers in Medieval Islamic World. In Europe and America, he is well-known by his Europeanized name “Avicenna”. He was born in “Afshana near Bukhara in Central Asia in about 980” (Rizvi pars.1)…
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Download file to see previous pages As a physical, Avicenna is well-known for his book the Canon (al-Qanun fi’l-Tibb). This book had played a crucial role in pre-modern medical education in both Europe and in Medieval Islamic Empire. Also Avicenna’s philosophical book “summa the Cure” (al-Shifa’) was also influential in European scholasticism. It is believed that “Summa the Cure” once heavily influenced the famous western philosopher Thomas Aquinas. As a philosopher, Avicenna’s success lies in the fact that he had been able to find out an interrelation between one’s belief in God and man’s existential being. So, Avicenna can be assumed to be the foremost Islamic philosophic thinker. The theoretical space that he provides for God as the Essential Being necessarily builds up the groundwork for his “theories of the soul, intellect and cosmos” (Goodman 43). Indeed, he successfully articulated that God is necessarily the foundation or origin of all the tangible and intangible existence of this universe.
Avicenna, the famous Muslim philosopher and physician, was born in a village named Qishlak Afshona in Uzbekistan (which was then called Bukhara) in 980 AD. His mother Setareh was a traditional housewife fro Bukhara and his father, Abdullah was a well-honored Islamic scholar who came to Bukhara from Balkh which was a famous city of the Samanid Empire. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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