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Quality of Successful Marriages - Essay Example

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Communication is one of the most important factors necessary in order to make any relationship successful. Especially when it comes to marriages, communication plays the most vital role. When it comes to spending your life together, if proper communication is lacking, the whole relationship can shatter to smithereens.
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Quality of Successful Marriages
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Download file to see previous pages Be it any problem or trouble, the whole family tries to overcome it collectively.
This affects and influences the upbringing of the children in this culture to a huge extent as well. Usually the parents communicate to their children in a very evident manner and encourage them to communicate in a similar way. They discuss very minute details and interact very closely. For example, my mother has always talked to me very frankly, about everything, be it the smallest details; even the taboos of the society, and this has encouraged me to share everything with her in return. This has always helped me to get closer to my mother.
Not only this, my parents have always depicted very close communication, sharing everything with each other, understanding each other's needs and personality and valuing each other's opinions and thoughts. As I've grown over time, being brought up in this particular way where interpersonal communication has always been stressed upon, I have grown learning these values that conveying your own thoughts and understanding others is the most important part of being in a relationship, and the most important factor of making it successful.
In addition to this, I would like to induce within myself, such skills that would help me to communicate with people especially my significant other in the best possible way so that I can always understands his needs, thoughts and opinions his way. This is one of the foundations of making a marriage successful.

Empathy means to understand. To stand in the other's shoes and try to imagine and realize what that particular person would be going through. This is quite self-explanatory how important this factor would be for a successful marriage. If one cannot understand the other properly, this will eventually lead to conflicts that can badly damage the relationship and in worst cases, can even bring an end to the relationship.
Empathy has always been one of the basic aspects of successful relationships, especially marriages. Here, I'd like to give a personal daily-life example; if I need to study for a test, but my parents want me to help them in some household chores, and they don't empathize and tend to be narrow minded and keep on scolding me and forcing me not to study and do the house work, how difficult it would get for me to pursue my studies. In my family, however, it's the other way round. My parents have always understood my needs and my priorities and have never forced me to do what I don't want to and/or I cannot do at a particular point in time due to my own engagements or commitments.
Moreover, my parents always empathize with each other. If my father has some unexpected business proceedings and/or meetings, for example, and he has prior plans with my mother, like shopping, she would always understand and would not fret about it. Similarly, if my mother (a working woman) needs some time out to carry out her office work at home, my father would always understand and would never get upset. Had it been the other way round, and had my parents never empathized, they would have always been fighting and upset with each other. But thankfully, it's the former way and they always empathize with each other.
This in turn shows me and teaches me the importance of empathy in making a relationship, especially marri ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Quality of Successful Marriages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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