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Arrange marriage vs love marriage - Essay Example

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Date Arranged Marriage versus Love Marriage Considering the challenges and abuse of the institution of marriages, arranged marriages are better placed than love marriages to keep this institution sacred and long-term, contrary to how it is nowadays…
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Arrange marriage vs love marriage
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"Arrange marriage vs love marriage"

Download file to see previous pages Whiles being common in cultural communities within Asia, Africa, and Middle East, arranged marriages are characterized mainly by close parental involvement. In such a marriage, parents or elders within a community select for their children whom they will marry, and such a decision is arrived at based on compatibility as the parents or ‘matchmakers’ are experienced and have sound judgment. Normally, the main objective of an arranged marriage is to ensure future economic stability, prosperity, and harmonious coexistence between both families. Parents that arrange marriages for their children put more emphasis on personal habits, values, education, source of income and family life. Hence, this gives marriage a practical reason rather than an emotional one, as is the case with love marriages; since in the end, if passion or love fades there needs to be something that still binds the union. On the other hand, romantic love, mutual affection, and willingness to commit are attributed to love marriages. In this case, the two parties decide to get married based on these attributes and parental involvement is minimal or non-existent. The mutual aspect of love marriages are what make it a favorable choice as both partners share an understanding and are comfortable around each other. Therefore, with regard to arranged marriages, the partners have to trust that the choice made by their parents is right and therefore, romantic feelings will come along as the marriage continues. It is important to note that arranged marriages differ from forced marriages as partners have the option of not consenting (Browne 89). In view of that arranged marriage is governed through wisdom from parents, which stems from their life experiences, this gives them an edge over love marriages. In addition, the bride and groom selected hail from similar background and economic status, share important values and personal habits; all of which make them compatible. Secondly, arranged marriages create a sense of order in the community, as heeding to a choice made by the parents implies respect. This coupled with the fact that a marital union in arranged marriages focuses on a harmonious coexistence between families of both partners (Das). In addition, arranged marriages are based on compatibility as opposed to physical attraction as is the case with love marriages. Parents who get involved in selecting a partner for their children look for similar qualities, life ambitions and personal habits and values. This is seen to establish a sense of commitment as physical attraction fades. Having something profound as similar values shared, allows for sticking it out in a marriage even when things get tough. This pragmatic approach makes marital unions found as arranged marriages more sacred (Bentley). In addition, love marriages are usually decided upon blindly following only mutual affection for each other. However, more often than not, this does not hold against the test of time and conflicts that arise as the marriage progresses, and this explains the need for arranged marriages. Hence, love marriages lead to divorce as opposed to arranged marriages because it is inevitable that in the end of the drama passion will fade. In addition, these forms of marriages are arrived at in haste and crucial issues may be overlooked, and end up coming to haunt the couple later on in the future when the passion has faded (Leung). Despite the fact that it is crucial to base a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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