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There are many teaching methods available for the nursing educator to use. The use of these tools must be determined based on the needs of the group of students and the process they must learn. No one teaching model will work in all cases and which to use takes some experience to determine…
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Student Learning Environment & Scoring Rubric
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Download file to see previous pages Design of a rubric can be cumbersome but rewarding and useful.
Today's Baccalaureate program in nursing seeks to provide leaders in nursing. This is a program that is needed in the 21st century, at a time when the world is expecting a tremendous number of patients as well as many chronic diseases. There are many challenges and at this point, there is a great shortage of nurses, therefore those who lead will need every innovation that they can find. This will include the ability to apply standards and assure core competencies, as well as teaching and mentoring newer nurses. This paper will examine the core competencies for this program and determine and determine how a nurse educator might achieve the learning environment that works (AACN, 1).
According to the American Association of Colleges for Nursing, there are nine essentials that should be accomplished by the end of one's nursing program. These include, liberal education for the generalist, basic organizational and systems leadership, scholarship for evidence based practice, information management and application of patient care technology, health care policy, finance, and regulatory environments, interprofessional communication and collaboration for improving patient health outcomes, clinical prevention and population health, professionalism and professional values, and generalist nursing practice. These competencies are stated slightly differently but supported by the NLNAC and nurse educators. This paper will choose to discuss scholarship for evidence based practice, interprofessional communication and collaboration for improving patient health outcomes, and the baccalaureate generalist nursing practice.
The AACN has determined that professional nursing should be supported by an evidence based practice. This includes identification of issues that affect practice as well as integration of evidence and evaluation of the outcome of that integration. Baccalaureate education should provide the tools for the graduate nurse to be prepared to use evidence based practice. This include the research process, clinical judgment, and interpersonal prospective (AACN, 1).
Effective communication and collaboration among professionals in practice is essential in care today. Patient centered care has been proven by many studies to be effective an quality care (Kautz, Kuiper, Pesut, 2005). Interprofessional communication supports patient centered care, therefore interprofessional education where it involves evidence base or communication becomes an essential part of any Baccalaureate Nurse education. Learning to educate as well as communicate allows the nurse to introduce new practices more easily (IPMG, 6).
Baccalaureate generalist nursing practice is essential because the overall program generally learned is completed with practice focused outcomes. This brings together the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are learned in all of the other essential practices. It allows the nurse to understand individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations in many different settings (AACN, 2009). In providing care, the nurse must be compassionate, well informed in evidence based practice, and well aware of how to conduct nursing research to meet this essential. Clinical reasoning should be evident in this nurse and she should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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