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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES: Opportunities for Advancing Educational Assessment - Research Paper Example

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One of such tools is the rubrics. According to Stevens and Levi (2011), a rubric is a scoring tool that lays out the specific expectations for an assignment. I will…
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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES: Opportunities for Advancing Educational Assessment
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"INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES: Opportunities for Advancing Educational Assessment"

Download file to see previous pages Another group of new assessment tools that I will use are the quiz and survey tools. According to Dawley (2007), the main advantage of these tools are that they can be graded or non-graded, timed or non-timed, allow single attempt or multiple attempts and can offer a variety of question formats. Since I plan to be using several format questions in assessing my students this will be a very valuable tool to use. Moreover, I also intend to vary my assessments in terms of grading, timing and the number of attempts and that is why I have chosen this assessment tool. This tool would help to test various aspects of my students learning and thus enable me to assist them to make improvements.
Another assessment tool that I will use is the students’ statistics. The use of students’ statistics in an effective way has been made possible by the advancement in information technology. I will use psychometric models to formulate my student statistics data and then fit those models on a general linear model for analysis and interpretation. According to Millsap and Olivares (2009), the advantage of using the GLM is to enable easy analysis and interpretation of those data using statistical software that have been developed. This will actually improve the accuracy of the feedback that I will obtain from my assessments and enhance interpretation of those feedbacks.
One of the difficulties that I anticipate to encounter is difficulty in making my student understand and adapt to the different rubrics I will introduce to enhance my teaching and assessments. Although I anticipate that I will make simple and straightforward rubrics, some of the students due to their learning styles might have difficulty in understanding them. To counter this difficulty I intend to spend at least one lesson to explain any new rubric. This will give me time to explain the rubric and explain how a student can maximize his scores using the rubrics.
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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES: Opportunities for Advancing Educational Research Paper.
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