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Technology and Retention of Good Employees - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Technology and Retention of Good Employees" will determine the impact of technology and employee retention practices in human resource management. This will involve studying employee perceptions and attitudes towards various technologies and employee retention practices adopted by the HR department…
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Extract of sample "Technology and Retention of Good Employees"

Download file to see previous pages It’s important to note that employees are the cornerstone of any successful organization. When a company employs people who share their mission and vision, they have high chances of succeeding. In this regard, practices to retain employees in an organization are very important. To retain good employees, a company formulates strategies that satisfy employee’s needs so that they become loyal to the company. In many cases, companies retain their employees for a given period of time. Within this time, a company utilizes their competencies and skills in a particular department in the company. Retaining competent employees is important to organizations since it gives them a competitive advantage. Good employees are motivated and they promote good relations with co-workers. They create a good working environment and customers leave the business premises happy and satisfied and this increases the productivity of the business. Today, organizations face a daunting task of retaining their best employees due to increased competition of labor in the market. Haider et al., (2015) acknowledges the importance of vetting employees thoroughly so that only skilled and competent employees are hired. However, retaining employees is more important than hiring. Organizations are always looking for talented individuals to come up with innovative ideas to grow their companies. Also, they spend a lot of money training their employees as a form of future investment. Therefore, organizations lose skilled labor and their investment on the individual when he or she is poached by another organization. When an employee stops working for an organization he or she leaves with invaluable information regarding the company. This information includes past history, projects, and clients to competitors. Organizations use various employee retention practices to reduce employee turnover. This study is aimed at determining the impact of these practices on reducing employee turnover. Organizations have a responsibility of ensuring that they create an environment that motivates employees to remain in the organization. Most importantly, organizations should consider the cost associated with employee turnover and the cost of motivating employees. In most cases, the cost of employee turnover is usually higher. It's difficult to evaluate the cost of employee turnover because it is not calculated in monetary terms only (Haider et al., 2015).  For instance, if an employee leaves an organization and the workload remains constant, the work allocated to each person will increase and will reduce their motivation. When an employee works for a long time in a particular company, they gain technical skills and knowledge that increases their efficiency in the organization. This translates to good customer service and increased the productivity of the business. Furthermore, the hiring process is expensive since there are many expenses that are incurred. These expenses are normally in the form of advertisements, verification of credentials, interviewing and training of new employees. Employee retention consists of practices that an organization uses to boost its employees so that they remain within the organization for a long time until retirement or after completion of a project. These practices are essential because they enable individuals and organizations to retain their best employees. The human resource department is in charge of the welfare of employees. In this regard, they should ensure that employees remain motivated to work in the organization because they have the power to build or break an organization. Interestingly, people are different and this means that what attracts motivates them is also different. An organization should, therefore, have an assortment of motivational strategies so that every employee has a strategy that motivates them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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