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Companies with Excellent Recognition Strategies - Literature review Example

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The paper 'Companies with Excellent Recognition Strategies' focuses on the link between the recognition of the employees and performance in the business. Human resource firm research findings suggest that a company with recognition strategies have higher chances of generating a business result…
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Companies with Excellent Recognition Strategies
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Extract of sample "Companies with Excellent Recognition Strategies"

Download file to see previous pages Brook (2012) further elaborates that in firms characterized with frequent recognition of employees, productivity, customer service, and engagement of the workers perform relatively well in comparison to those companies that do not either adequately recognize or reward their employees.

Bersin & Associates use statistical analysis and customer interviews to determine ways in which businesses can improve their employee recognition mechanisms. It requires the leadership of the business venture to first set the recognition tone. Moreover, it involves the leaders communicating effectively on their expectations. This helps the employees to comprehend not only their goals but also the goals of the team. Secondly, clear recognition criteria can be created. The excelling companies are usually capable of recognizing individuals who accomplish special tasks or projects, demonstrating the values of the company, and achieving the goals of the company, as well.

The integration of the use of technology into the recognition modalities has also proved effective in optimizing business performance. The integration of technology has the potential of making recognition to be accessible to the workers. It may also allow companies to modify their recognition programs that fit with the needs of the business, besides resulting in those that are frequent. The final practice that organizations can employ should entail engagement into offensive recognition multi-fronts. This may entail both rewarding the values of the employee and providing recognition.

There are benefits of incorporating the use of software for the recognition of the workers though the approach has to be comprehensive. It may encompass factors such as certificates, appreciation and praise, token rewards, and trophies among others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Review 4 Articles on Human Resources. Prepare 4 Written Summaries of Essay.
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