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Accelerated Learning Approach in Teaching Language - Case Study Example

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The paper "Accelerated Learning Approach in Teaching Language" states that the accelerated school is a difficult job but when the entire school is trained together, certain obstacles are overcome, when time is devoted to reflection, insights are gained and classroom practices are enhanced…
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Accelerated Learning Approach in Teaching Language
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Extract of sample "Accelerated Learning Approach in Teaching Language"

Download file to see previous pages The accelerated learning techniques include “relaxation and concentration techniques (such as those originally part of Suggestopedia)” that “can greatly alleviate stress and fatigue and improve student’s confidence, concentration and memorization capabilities” (Bancroft, 1995).
Bancroft identified the techniques that are found to be effective; relaxation and visualization exercises, TPR strategies, choral chanting and role-playing for regular language classes and listening to relaxation tapes, specially prepared vocabulary tape for home study. All these exercises involve preliminary training such as “physical and mental exercises, breathing exercises, outer and inner concentration (or visualization) exercises, the Sophrology memory training system and an adaptation of the original session in Suggestopedia” (Bancroft, 1995).
The author believes that it is the student’s concentration which is in dire need of attention. With this realization, the yogic memory training elements should be incorporated into the language class whenever possible. This will be most effective is done together with elements of communication-based or language-acquisition approaches.
Baenan, Yaman and Lindblad conducted the study, “The Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) 2000-01: Student Participation and Effectiveness” to study the outcome of Accelerated Learning Approach in the teaching of reading and Math in Wake County Public School. The program was separately administered to grades 3-8 to K-12. For grades 3-8, the program was administered so that “95% of the WCPSS students will score at or above grade level” in reading and Mathematics (Nancy Baenan, 2002). On the other hand, “the high school program was designed to support students at risk of not meeting graduation requirements” (Nancy Baenan, 2002). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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