Policy and Practice in the Education of Bilingual Children - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the teaching of bilingual children observed in a school setting. The author states that the educational policies should keep in mind that the integrity of all individual speaking a particular language apart from the local language of the country to be upheld to ensure equality. …
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Policy and Practice in the Education of Bilingual Children
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Download file to see previous pages The possibility is that the other language is learned after learning the first one. Many of the bilingual people grow up in an environment where two languages are being spoken simultaneously. In countries like America, bilinguals are usually found to be the children of immigrants. This is because these children speak their parent's native language during childhood and at home, whereas they speak English in school and with their friends. Therefore, the primary socialization is in the native language, and the secondary is in English. This makes the children bilingual. However, it is not only the immigrants who tend to be bilinguals, but there are many people such that they speak English at school and some other language at the workplace. Moreover, the influence of some significant person also helps a child to develop skills of two or more languages. We can find a number of multilingual and bilinguals in many countries. Moreover, in others, we see that almost every person is bilingual. Talking about India, in some of the parts of India, a child is usually aware of more than one language (Birner 1994, pg.2-3).
Cognition technically refers to thinking. Moreover, the entire process of cognition is related to the processing of human-like information and the application of knowledge and change of preferences. This process of cognition is either natural, artificial, conscious or unconscious. This is the reason why they are analyzed from different perspectives and in different contexts. Cognition can be applied to anesthesia, neurology, and various other subjects such as psychology, philosophy, systematic and computer science. Some concepts such as the mind, reasoning, perception, intelligence, and learning are abstract concepts with which cognition is closely related. Cognition can be otherwise regarded as an abstract property of advanced living organisms.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Policy and Practice in the Education of Bilingual Children Essay. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/education/1598892-policy-and-practice-in-the-education-of-bilingual-children-an-essay-discussing-the-teaching-of-bilingual-children-observed-in-a-school-setting-the-essay-will-include-a-description-and-analysis-of-the-educational-context-the-practice-observed-will-be
(Policy and Practice in the Education of Bilingual Children Essay)
Policy and Practice in the Education of Bilingual Children Essay. https://studentshare.org/education/1598892-policy-and-practice-in-the-education-of-bilingual-children-an-essay-discussing-the-teaching-of-bilingual-children-observed-in-a-school-setting-the-essay-will-include-a-description-and-analysis-of-the-educational-context-the-practice-observed-will-be.
“Policy and Practice in the Education of Bilingual Children Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/education/1598892-policy-and-practice-in-the-education-of-bilingual-children-an-essay-discussing-the-teaching-of-bilingual-children-observed-in-a-school-setting-the-essay-will-include-a-description-and-analysis-of-the-educational-context-the-practice-observed-will-be.
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