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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bilingual Education Program - Research Paper Example

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The aim of the study is to correlate the advantages and disadvantages of a bilingual education program. Its proponents suppose that such a program can help students to improve the needed skills to make an educational tour and research as well as work upon graduation…
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bilingual Education Program
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Download file to see previous pages According to Moses (2000), bilingual education is important for students aspiring to travel abroad for further studies or research, especially when the foreign countries use a different language from the native language of the student. The student may not require the services of translators, which is an important strength for success. Sometimes translators may be cumbersome to use especially when undertaking high-level education. They may not bring out facts clearly. Moreover, graduates from bilingual education programs can effectively perform in employment abroad. Their understanding of two languages for every item they deal with helps them to interpret things in a better way than when working in a non-native environment. Bilingual personnel is able to think creatively and with more flexibility regarding different issues. It is unproblematic for a bilingual person to learn other languages, which adds to the strengths of working in a multicultural environment.
Bilingual education presents a person with an opportunity for more choices as regards living in different countries. The capacity to communicate effectively in two languages helps a person to gain self-expressiveness and engage in successful negotiations when another language is involved other than his/her native language. Moreover, the person is exposed to more sources of information due to the ability to read and write different languages. Information written in a different language from the native may not be available for a monolingual person. Bilingual education gives a person the capacity to live in a multicultural environment especially since language is associated with culture. Life becomes worthwhile and more interesting when a person develops a different perspective through exposure to diverse norms, lifestyles and history. Understanding different languages allow a person to become more focused on language and its meaning in the society. He/she gains awareness through reflection on the function of language as a tool for effective thinking. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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