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The New York Education System Which Has Failed Leading to More Schools Closing - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that many schools in New York have undergone a substantial renovation since the dawn of mayor control, in 2002. Part of this renovation exercise has been the replacement of underperforming high schools with new small high schools. Despite the renovation activities, many schools in New York have not been performing well of recent. …
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The New York Education System Which Has Failed Leading to More Schools Closing
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Extract of sample "The New York Education System Which Has Failed Leading to More Schools Closing"

Download file to see previous pages This paper approves that low performing school hardly ever attracts right people into teaching; thus impacting the performance of students in disadvantaged areas. Morgan argues that one of the biggest problems in the education system is that poor districts face a shortage of qualifies teachers. The available qualified or experienced teachers leave these schools and join good schools in order to avoid disadvantaged schools. Most teachers who teach poor schools have low education credential and many of them teach subject which they are not specialized; thus contributing to poor performance of students. In most cases, teacher with poor teaching credential take positions in poor districts and once they have achieved experience, they leave such schools and market themselves in wealthier districts. Therefore, there is a need for the government to provide better education system.
This essay makes a conclusion that the education system is not providing opportunities for low-income students because they are not entitled to better government schools. The disadvantaged students lack access to better education facilities and inadequate teachers; hence impacting their performance. Although, the policy of ‘No Child Left Behind’ that was introduced to provide funds to help disadvantaged children, the policy has not yet achieved its stated objectives. There is increased racism in schools and students of color especially the blacks are left with little opportunities for learning. This has also contributed to poor performance especially in the disadvantaged schools....
The assessment system used by the education department is viewed as a way of failing students. It is also one of the contributing factors that have led to increased closure down of many schools, in the United States. The grading system provided by the education department is meant to avoid manipulation of grading tests. However, many teachers are blamed for contributing to the failure of students in the final tests. This is because they use a manipulating marking criterion when they are testing students in their varied classes. However, when it comes to the final exam; students fail in the final test because of different grading criteria. Therefore, teachers are encouraged to follow strictly the grading criteria employed by the education department. This will encourage students work hard towards improving their performance levels during the final exam in the final years. The demographic study indicates that approximately 1.1 million students studying in the public schools, in the New York City, 40% of them live in areas where English is spoken. Therefore, the education department translated registration and report forms in different languages in order to meet the needs of each student. Although, bilingual studies are perceived as expensive exercise, the research indicates that the grading system itself is a hindrance towards affective performance of student in many schools (Flores and Chu 2011, p. 155). The statistical analysis carried out for adequate year progress using standardized tests in administering the scores, in the New York indicates that many students have recently performing poorly. For instance, the progress report of grading in 2010, about 25 percent of student ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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