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Critical Observation Paper - Essay Example

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In the field of social psychology, we study the relationship of individuals to one another individually, in groups and in society (McDavid, 1994). This field deals with immediate, everyday social problems and attempts to find not solutions to all these problems but useful guidance towards possible ways of understanding and working with these problems.
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Critical Observation Paper
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To better illustrate the importance of study of psychology and research in this field, let me cite a concrete example. As human beings, we are born with the need to socialize and interact with other people. One interesting example of social behavior that is observed in some individuals as they interrelate with others is their dependency on other people. Dependent behavior, according to McDavid (1994) is one of the most common forms of human activity.
I know of a person who cannot act nor move around without a companion. This person is over than 35 years old already, still single, physically able and works in a public academic institution. She is an attractive lady who actively participates in religious activities in her Church. However, her actions always depend on the presence of somebody as if this other person provides some sense of security on her part. She always keeps a company during mealtimes, whenever riding a public transportation on her way home, even when simply going from one office to another within the same building. More often than not, you would see her in the company of another person and rarely alone.

I have begun to notice this behavior initially when she asked me to accompany her during one her errands in the building. Being an attractive lady, I consented to and accommodated her request. But when it was repeated once, twice, I felt something was wrong. I observed that she was over suspicious of other people and how they may possibly treat her and that is the reason why she always sees to it that she is accompanied by somebody wherever she goes.

As a consequence, this behavior more often than not, turns off and becomes an irritant especially when there are important things that need to be accomplished. It sometimes becomes a cause of delay in delivering tasks expected of her. It also creates a negative image of her to other people.

In psychology such behavior is labeled as interpersonal dependency. According to Bornstein (2004), in defining interpersonal dependency four components must be included: (1) motivational (i.e. a marked need for guidance, support and approval from others); (2) cognitive, (i.e., a perception of oneself as powerless and ineffectual, couple with the belief that others are comparatively powerful and potent); (3) affective, (i.e., a tendency to become anxious and fearful when required to function autonomously); and (4) behavioral, (i.e. a tendency to seek support and reassurance from others and engage in self-presentation strategies designed to strengthen the relationships with potential caregivers).

To some who are not into the study of psychology, the behavior of the lady may appear to be a little "weird" or extraordinary to those who are into studying other people's behavior through observation, it helps to explain things and facilitate better understanding among ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Observation Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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