Sexual Harassment on Women in the Workplace - Research Paper Example

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This article "Sexual Harassment on Women in the Workplace" seeks to review literature and research carried out by Fitzgerald and her counterparts. Women are the most common victims of sexual harassment, and this has grave effects on their well-being…
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Sexual Harassment on Women in the Workplace
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Download file to see previous pages In the article, Fitzgerald identifies that sexual harassment has been commonplace in various workplaces, mainly against members of the female gender. This has happened since females began soliciting work outside of their homes. The author argues that sexual harassment is aimed at maintaining or establishing power over lower level individuals in the work place. Individuals that hold positions of power are the common perpetrators of this phenomenon. In that respect, the gender dominance perspective is important in understanding harassment in this environment. According to Fitzgerald, sexual harassment is a means used by men in higher positions in the workplace to reinforce their privilege and maintain their dominance over females in workplaces and the larger society. In the United States, sexual harassment is defined as unwanted behavior that invokes sexual favors in either visual or physical form. The author states that in order to understand sexual harassment, it is important to understand the victim’s perceptions of this behavior, as either uninvited or disturbing. The extent of harassment in workplaces has not been established through epidemiological studies. Surveys of women engaged in employment have indicated that this one in two members of this gender has experienced sexual harassment at some point in their lives. This may be in either in an academic environment or another place of work. Fitzgerald explains that sexual harassment mainly affects women when they work in professions dominated by male workers. For example, females working in jobs such as mining and auto repairs are more exposed to sexual harassment than balanced professions such as teaching. However, this phenomenon is not limited to blue collar jobs. Females are also affected in white collar professions such as law and surgery. The precedence of sexual harassment on women, in their workplaces, has numerous negative consequences for them. This effects span from their private lives to their performance at work. They may be affected by psychosomatic illnesses. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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