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Sexual Harassment in the workplace - Research Paper Example

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Sexual harassment in the work place Name Institution Sexual harassment in the work place Sexual harassment is coercion or bullying of a sexual nature. In other words, it is the inappropriate or unwelcome promise of reward in return of sexual favors. Sexual harassment is not tolerated in any society in the world…
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Sexual Harassment in the workplace
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"Sexual Harassment in the workplace"

Download file to see previous pages The key terminologies essential when tackling such a topic include; Sexism-This can be described as an attitude based perception about a person of different sex. For instance, a man thinking that a woman is weak and emotional or a woman thinking that a man is a chauvinist. Sex discrimination-This is manifested in the scenario where an employee tend to be treated differently at the work place because of their sex. Quid Pro Quo-This when decision on employing somebody are based on whether they agree to accept fulfilling sexual demands or not. Sexual harassment in the workstation can have severe influences for both the workers who have experienced it secondhand and the harassed person. The impact of sexual harassment to an employee can be numerous and disastrous. Areas, which have drawn interest of researches in the recent past, are whether sexual harassment is on the rise at work places or other new ways of harassment have emerged. This is based on the fact that, the surges in technology use and harassment from same sex persons have been reported in the recent past. It is of equal importance to note that sexual harassment is not limited to a singular profession but the vice cuts across all career stations (Boland 34-35). Recent statistics by EEOP (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) divulge more information about the complaints. It has been noted that most of the sexual harassment occurrences largely go unreported. However, according to EEOC, one fact observation that was evident is the increase of cases reported in the last decade. This brings in a paradox since more stringent regulations have been put in place to inhibit occurrences of sexual harassment at work. In the last decade, over 20,000 accounts have been filed. Under the cases filed, majority of cases reported were from the female sex (Gai, 2009). In the year 2008, Louis Harris and Associates conducted a telephone poll on 782 workers of the United States. It came up with the statistics that 31 percent among female workers admitted to having reported sexual harassment at work. Only 7 percent of their male counterparts reported the same. A significant percentage of 62 percent of those targeted did not take any action. Out of the respondents, 100 percent female reported that the person harassing them was a man while 59 percent of men reported that their harasser was a woman. Subsequently, 41 percent of the male reported that their harasser was a fellow man. Additional statistics records that 43 percent of women who reported experienced harassment from the supervisor, 27 percent from senior employees, 19 percent workers of same level while 8 percent had faced harassment from junior employees (Boland 53). Combating sex harassment at work is a big challenge. This is necessitated by the fact that establishing its causes can be complex. These causes can be social, psychological or political. Owing to the fact that some work relationships such as acting in most cases turn out to be intimate and intense, establishing sexual harassment in such scenarios can be very complex. The other aspect is that in most instances, employees are required to depend on one another in order to maximize productivity. How this should go has no clear guidelines. Making the situation trickier is that some positions at work such as that of the supervisor involves working closely with your team for results to be achieved. However, being accustomed to these close working relations may create ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
The name was often used as a pet name. The other employees in our department then picked up the same and the employee the name was the order of the day. The employee has now brought a claim for sexual harassment under the title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; This paper seeks to look at sexual harassment in the workplace under the above title, and the provisions that cover offensive language that amounts to sexual harassment in workplaces.
5 Pages(1250 words)Research Paper
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The author states that before the late 1970s, the issue of sexual harassment had not been completely explicated within the constitution. Resultantly, most of the ladies were overtly fearful of disclosing their sexual harassment matters and occurrences at their workplaces since they feared being put to blame for being provocative.


9 Pages(2250 words)Research Paper
Sexual harassment in the workplace
The paper also analyses the question of whether women are the main victims of harassment as well as whether sexual harassment is a global issue. The final part of the paper will look into examples of women rights at the work place and ways to eliminate sexual harassment at the work place.
11 Pages(2750 words)Research Paper
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
According to the report physical contacts and advances, demand or request for sexual favors, sex related remarks, pornography in front of women workers, or any physical, psychological, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature can be attributed as the sexual harassment at workplace. Sexual harassment is considered as employment discrimination.
11 Pages(2750 words)Research Paper
Legalities related to sexual harassment policies for the workplace
Sexual harassment is gender-neutral, which also implies that the persons, the victim and the offender can be of the same sex. Legal implications related to sexual harassment can be taken as present if the harasser at the workplace belongs to either senior rank, is an agent, outsider or a colleague; the victim can be any one harassed by objectionable conduct; the conduct of the culprit must be worth calling wrong.
7 Pages(1750 words)Research Paper
Sexual harassment in the workplace
Until 1964 and the inclusion of such behavior in the Civil rights Act under Title VII, courts generally avoided the issue as an inappropriate responsibility to “delve into interpretations of human behavior” (Achampong, Preface IX). With the changes instituted by the 1964 Act, courts not only became responsible for interpreting what actions constituted sexual harassment, but found themselves virtually inundated with cases which previously would likely have been swept under the rug.
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
Sexual Harassment on Women in the Workplace
Sexual harassment is described as any sexual activity that makes the victim feel uncomfortable as a result. It is identified as any uninvited behaviour that is inflicted on other workers based on their gender. Sexual harassment may occur both physically and mentally to the victim.
9 Pages(2250 words)Research Paper
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Sexual harassment is considered as a public embarrassment and humiliation where the harassed may be blamed for her dress and lifestyle at is unfortunate that the harassed normally become under scrutiny and this really interferes with their reputation and dignity.
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Some view sexual harassment as a symbol of male dominance, while others perceive it as a typically undisruptive form of interaction (Paludi, 1999). The problem is that the label has been used to such a variety of behavior that its definition and implication has been largely reduced.
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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
According to the Michigan state and federal state law, sexual harassment falls under two categories. The first category is the ‘Quid pro-Quo’, which occurs when the perpetrator places an explicit or implicit condition of submitting to sexual conduct in the workplace.
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