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Examining important psychological factors in improving the rehabilitation process following athletic injury - Research Paper Example

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As the study of psychological development has taken place vastly in the last 50 years, scholars have also developed the increasing importance of psychological intervention in sports rehabilitation. The recent studies show that psychological factors are used efficiently in the…
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Examining important psychological factors in improving the rehabilitation process following athletic injury
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Download file to see previous pages Athletes are usually considered to be physically strong people who are healthy and strong. It is commonly misunderstood that psychology and sports are two different disciplines but the recent study has proved that sports psychology is an important interdisciplinary approach in dealing with sportsmen and their problems. Psychological factors are highly needed in the area of sports as athletes often have many injuries due to psychological factors rather physical ones (Martin, 2008).
There are a significant number of athletic injuries that are caused by physical factors on the field but undoubtedly psychological factors are also identified to have a key role in these injuries. Previously, the causes of sports injuries were not believed to be psychological but in the last three decades, there has been extensive research on the field of sports psychology and researchers now conclude that psychological factors play a vital role in the causing of sports injuries (Martin, 2008).
Stress levels are one of the psychological causes of sports injuries as identified by the researchers. There is a keen relationship between the stress levels in life and the rates of injuries taking place. These stress levels can be due to the big changes in life including losing a loved one, getting married, moving to a new city, or an unstable economic status. Research suggests that athletes who have a higher stress level due to the minor or major changes in personal or professional life tend to go through more injuries than a sportsman with lesser stress in his life (Martin, 2008). An athlete, who experiences frequent life changes, has little social support, and few coping skills are greatly exposed to the risk of athletic injuries. Athletes who have a low self-esteem, have higher trait anxiety, or are pessimistic experience more injuries in their sports practices (Martin, 2008).
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