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Do You Think Athletes Today Are Better Than Those Of The Past - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Do You Think Athletes Today Are Better Than Those Of The Past" discusses the question of whether the athletes competing in the present world are better performers than the athletes who competed earlier and who had established records in athletics…
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Do You Think Athletes Today Are Better Than Those Of The Past
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Extract of sample "Do You Think Athletes Today Are Better Than Those Of The Past"

Download file to see previous pages Also, it is established that the changing ideas regarding the body types and physique required for being an athlete and the increasing popularity and scopes of athletic events are important factors that have improved the performances of the athletes over years.

Athletics is an age-old type of sporting activity that has become immensely popular and common in different geographical locations across the world. Athletics competitions and events can be broadly segregated into three forms which are the national championships, the international championships, and the annual races and meetings. Over the last few years, it has been noted that the established records of the previous athletes have been rapidly broken by the new entrants into this segment. The contests between the athletes from different inter and intra country levels have become more intensely competitive as a result of which the athletes are pushing the own limits and exceeding the standard established levels of performances in the athletics events and competitions. As such, the question as to whether the present-day athletes have actually mastered athletics in a better manner than the old age athletes has emerged as an important question for consideration among researchers and scholars who conduct their studies in this domain. Also, the factors that have led to the increase in the performance levels including the technological, motivational and economical factors are necessary to be identified in order to understand how the performances of the athletes have improved so rapidly over time.

This research is carried out with the aim of studying the different performance levels of the athletes over the years and comparing their performances to identify whether the athletes have become better performers. Also, the factors that have led to a significant acceleration in the performance levels of the athletes from different countries are studied and analyzed to understand their impact on the overall athletics segment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Do You Think Athletes Today Are Better Than Those Of The Past Research Paper.
(Do You Think Athletes Today Are Better Than Those Of The Past Research Paper)
Do You Think Athletes Today Are Better Than Those Of The Past Research Paper.
“Do You Think Athletes Today Are Better Than Those Of The Past Research Paper”.
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