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The Writers's World - Essay Example

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This paper is a literature review of such works as “Dealing With People” by Greg McGrew; “Aunt Tee” by Maya Angelou; “The Dating World” by Naomi Louder; “Body over Mind” by Mitch Albom…
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The Writerss World
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the “Dealing With People” by Greg McGrew. The researcher states that this essay is very interesting and he is pretty certain that he could name someone that he knows that would fit into one of these categories that the author listed. The researcher thinks that it is interesting that the author comes at the issue with a relatively positive approach. He explains ways to encourage the most beneficial parts of working with these personality types, instead of the negative elements. However, I am not entirely certain that I agree with his perspectives on how to react to them and deal with them. Amongst peers and employees, I agree, this may be a successful means of gaining the best of a diverse group of ideally productive workers to excel at their skills, in the ways, they manifest best. This, ultimately, could never be anything but wise and will likely, lead to greater efficiency/. The author's potential strategies are only feasible if the people expressing the traits are sincere and genuine in those characteristics. Simply put, there are types of people, who when they become the customer or a client, who behave in aggressive, analytical, and expressive ways, not because it is their actual nature, but because that behavior will help them manipulate a given situation. Personally, the researcher thinks that when one then caters to these behaviors they encourage that behavior to be used again....
(Gaetz, and Suneeti 586) It is not an uncommon human reality to discover, at some point in our lives, that the things that seemed so important, like having expensive cars, fancy clothing, and money to burn will make us complete and more fulfilled; that these things can only fill your time, but they cannot feel your heart. “The Dating World” by Naomi Louder I think that the author of this essay is absolutely right. The ways in which people date today is diametrically different to the formality of previous generations. However, in her discussion of how much dating has changed, the internet’s influence was not included. Today it is cyber-dating that has become extremely popular. People do not even have to meet anymore if they, in fact, do not wish to. This has upsides and downsides. There is always the likelihood that the person on the computer is not who they say they are, and this can be, not just disappointing, but dangerous. Even at its best it eliminates a great deal of the intimacy that is the point of intimate relationships. Although the free spirited sexual practices of the 1960s in the era of serious sexually transmitted disease, is hardly encouraged, the restrictive practices of the 50s may be a little extreme. After all it was those ideals that, in part, lead to the sexual revolution of the sixties. I definitely agree with the author when she discusses how everyone is ultimately looking for a partner; that finding random partners based, solely, off appearance for example, will never necessarily translate into anything serious or long term.(Gaetz, and Suneeti 679) “Body over Mind” by Mitch Albom This is a fantastic example of this kind of false concept of what is important in life and discusses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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