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Health Promotion Programs: Health and Social Life - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the two social psychology theories, that is cognitive dissonance and elaboration models. Both of these concepts are promising theories for future experiments and research based on health issues. The theories mainly focus on the thinking pattern of the individual…
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Health Promotion Programs: Health and Social Life
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Download file to see previous pages People are more or less aware of all the health factors involved in their various habits, but they hardly ever approach health practitioners as they are habited to rejecting their body. Many health habits are developed and consolidated during adolescence, and the health habits that are developed during adolescence will continue to influence health throughout the life span (Cobb,1998). People with different attitudes tend to regard different aspects of an issue as salient (Richard, 1986). For example, a smoker would opt for mental relaxation, pleasure and relief, whereas a non-smoker would be more concerned for their health and well-being. To change this attitude of people, health practitioners have come up with health promotion campaigns and schemes. Health promotion is basically an education that is imparted to people so that they can maintain their health and develop a healthy lifestyle. According to Keith Tones (2001), health promotion is an essentially contested concept: it means different things to different people. Since health itself is a multi-dimensional notion-open to multiple interpretations-it is unsurprising that the definition of health promotion is itself problematic. As per Donald J (2004), the roots of today’s health promotion and wellness programs lie in the Industrial Revolution. The creation of large factories meant that thousands of people were brought together in congested, unsafe worksites located in congested unsafe cities. The inhumane conditions gave rise to numerous labour laws and worksite programs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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