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Project Management analyze the relationship among organizational culture, project structure - Essay Example

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The culture of the company can be characterized in the following way - Total dedication is demanded from employees for financial discipline. Since the cost of operation of this organization is low, the organization does not have a big hierarchy so rules and regulations are not stringent and the project manager is expected to run the project efficiently by the resources provided by the management…
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Project Management analyze the relationship among organizational culture, project structure
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Extract of sample "Project Management analyze the relationship among organizational culture, project structure"

Download file to see previous pages This way he will definitely achieve his 80% - within his reach. In order to achieve the next 80% he will try harder and will at least achieve 20% thus giving 100 % results. The managers and subordinates share close relationships. The members of the organization work towards the united goal irrespective of the level they belong to. If the project gets delayed then employees engaged in other projects are also engaged hence there is great teamwork. Adequate monetary and professional rewards are based on the performance of the employees throughout the year. This culture can be termed as the 'work hard/play hard' culture. "In this culture activity is the key to successBecause of the need for volume, team players who are friendly and outgoing thrive." (Rue and Byars, 1992, p.442)
Keeping this organizational culture in mind the projects are selected on the basis of manpower expertise and the organization's core line of business, as resources are already available within the organization for the same. But if the project deadline is too short, the project is selected after reviewing whether the pool of assistance can be immediately used from other departments without disturbing other projects in hand. Otherwise the organization sublets a part of the contract to certain consultants or organizations that have experts in selected applications and who are ready to become service providers for that particular project. But the industry in which this organization functions, such temporary resources are scarce so the organization always tries to optimize its internal resources while selecting a project.
No matter what the deadline of the project is, it is always structured in such a way that there is no confusion from the top to the bottom level and that the goal is achieved successfully on time. The project manager breaks down the big and complicated task into much smaller and simpler tasks. This way it becomes easier to assess the progress and risks and take necessary actions on time. It also becomes easier for him to allocate tasks in a very clear and comprehensive way. According to Computer Systems Odessa Corp. "People call this producing a work breakdown structure to make it sound more formal and impressive. Without following this formal approach you are unlikely to remember all the niggling little details; with this procedure, the details are simply displayed on the final lists." (para.6) The top management also likes this structure used by the project manager as it becomes convenient for them to closely monitor the following stages of the project:
Initiation stage
Strategy stage
Analysis stage
Design and Build stage
Implementation stage
This way the project closes as per the schedule and the organization doesn't incur losses due to late delivery clause imposed by the clients.
In a survey conducted at the California Executive Leadership Forum 300 executives responded. According to Arlington "The results indicate that the top challenges facing executives are: acquiring the support or commitment of management, stakeholders or the team; capturing lessons ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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