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Project Management in a Matrix Organisation University’s Name Table of Contents Introduction 3 Definition and principles of organisational structure 5 Types of organisational structures 8 Line structure of organization 8 Functional organisational structure 11 Divisional structure 13 Project structure of organisation 14 Matrix structure of organisation 15 WBS effects 17 Deliverables of the project 18 Interaction of the project and line organisation 19 Recommendations for selecting appropriate organisational structure 20 Conclusion 22 Reference List 23 Introduction The world suffers the time of impetuous changes…
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Project Management in a Matrix Organization
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Download file to see previous pages The main goal of this process became a general restructuring of enterprises, including wide range of forms, methods, and instruments aimed at provision of sustainable development. All these changes in the society are so much global that simple reorganisation of labour will never be enough. Today, for being able to correspond to current conditions, norms, and principles, we should start this restructuring, first of all, from the phase of changing ourselves. That is what called “a challenge”, which demands specific knowledge and skills professionally and effectively applied in practice. As the world experience shows, the important part of such knowledge base is such situational science as management. The simplified definition of “management” states that it is necessary skills which help to achieve goals using labour, intellect, and motives of other people’s behaviour in the most efficacious and fullest way. The urgency of management had been conceived and proved long time ago, when such performance turned into profession, area of expertise became a real independent discipline, and social layer grew in rather influential public power. Currently, for being able to presume successful functioning in the conditions of constant changes, every enterprise needs competent and professional management. In the conditions of crisis, superintendent must be able to analyze various options of manufacture’s development, see perspectives of the company on the market, and gain will and ability to retract staff into implementation of purposes. In addition, it is imperative to have a clear and distinct structure of the firm, understand the reason of choosing exactly this approach, and be aware about all possible results that may come up the in future. For maintenance of competitiveness of the enterprise, organisational structure should provide that all work is focused on specific products and concrete ultimate consumers. Organisational structure supposes distribution of functions and authorities aimed at the process of decision-making between superiors and employees that are responsible for the performance of structural subdivisions. The problem of improvement of organisational structure consists of specification of subdivisions’ functions, definition of rights and responsibilities between superintendent and employee, elimination of multistaging, and duplications of informative flows. The main purpose of all these tasks is to increase effectiveness of management. Organisational structure is supposed to build clear and concrete relationships between particular departments of the firm along with effective distribution of responsibilities between them. Organisational structures of industrial companies are characterized with a big variety of forms and are defined with many objective factors and conditions. The last can include the volume of industrial performance, production profile of the firm, or the character of monopolistic embodiment. Each of existed organisational structures has its specific virtues and disadvantages. Every organisational st ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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