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Criminal Activity and Education in The UK - Statistics Project Example

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This paper will use descriptive statistics techniques for summarizing the key features of the data. This paper will use correlation and regression analysis techniques for testing the relationship between variables and estimating the regression model for predicting BR…
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Criminal Activity and Education in The UK
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Download file to see previous pages From the essay it is clear that that tougher prison sentences reduce crime, particularly burglary. According to the Guardian, research suggests an increase in sentence length for serious offenders can cut burglaries. A research paper on Male unemployment and crimes in England and Wales by Carmichael & Ward indicated that there is a systematic positive relationship between most crime and male unemployment regardless of age. Their results indicated that both the youth and adult male unemployment rates are consistently and significantly positively related to burglary, theft, fraud and forgery and total crime. According to Machin, Marie & Vujić, crime is significantly related to education, especially in the case of property crimes. They find that criminal activity is negatively associated with higher levels of education. Machin, et al research suggests that improving education can yield significant social benefits and can be a key policy tool in the drive to reduce crime. There are many diagrams in the report which shows that the correlation coefficient value of -0.011 indicates no linear relationship between burglary rate and % of crimes solved. The correlation coefficient value of -0.149 indicates very weak negative linear relationship between burglary rate and average sentence length. The correlation coefficient value of 0.599 indicates strong positive linear relationship between burglary rate and male unemployment rate. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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