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Administration - Essay Example

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The administrations' modern management approaches, their abidance with the ethical standards and their adherence to the principles of corporate social responsibility sustain them in facing the challenges brought out by the new economy…
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Extract of sample "Administration"

The administrations' modern management approaches, their abidance with the ethical standards and their adherence to the principles of corporate social responsibility sustain them in facing the challenges brought out by the new economy. When we take a look, the vast empty grounds of yesterday now occupied by tall buildings used for business operations globally and the usage of digital gadgets accounts much the rise of a new economy. Likewise, knowledge, change and globalization are the three driving force of this era. Consequently, various transitions were brought out; and so most businesses go all-out to adapt to this phenomenon.
First, most businesses today were highly globalized, they were conducted by the used of modern gadgets. People from around the world are working together to achieve a common goal. Even they were being raised with different cultures and beliefs, their mutual interests bind them to do business together. To think about all this happenings, the role of the administration is quiet hard, isn't it Back in the 90's, businesses conducted communication through the use of fax machines or telephones. This time, two individuals from two countries can do a conversation without any communication barriers-face to face. However, consequent to this are the technical, cultural and linguistic challenges of globalizations hence managers have to adjust in the midst of these diversities. Technically, as globalization takes its place, old business entities need to update all their gadgets to compete in the global market or take advantage of the rapid technological change. If they were using telephones for conversation or fax machines in business communication as of submitting of reports before, the usage of those might not so appropriate today though other business entities are still depending with the use of telephones. Most likely, most administrations nowadays are dependent on digital screens for conversations if they are not set to meet in person. This is obvious to be more advantageous than telephone conversations. Also, written reports nowadays are rarely faxed, most often they are send via emails. Faxed information oftentimes encounter defects-unclear wordings or unclear figures; whereas if they're sent through email, unclear wordings and unclear figures would never be a problem. Further, administrations also are now facing cultural diversity. Managers are to deal with different individuals with different perceptions and personal values. It is hard to conduct business with people who are not accustomed with your way of behaving. Likewise, linguistic challenge is also a major problem of administrations.
Second, as a way to fight back against these major challenges, administrations had been making innovations or a complete change of their management approaches. Charles Darwin said that the strongest and most knowledgeable individuals are the one who are most adaptable to change. Hence, the making of the new management approaches or model is not just to survive but to fully adapt the changes. Further, the new management model entails the supervision of resources and capabilities; they are more likely to build around capabilities, focused on creating value, networked, interdependent parts, responsive, empowered employees, intuition and analysis, and encouraging radical ideas and risk taking. Why the modern approaches focus on employee empowerment It is because people are the firm's most underutilized resource. In the new knowledge economy, independent entrepreneurship and initiative is needed throughout the ranks of the organization. Involvement in an organization is no longer a one-way street. In today's corporate environment a manager must work towards engaging organization forcefully enough to achieve its objectives. New knowledge-based enterprises are characterized by flat hierarchical structures and multi-skilled workforce. Managers assume more leadership and coaching tasks and work hard to provide employees with resources and working conditions they need to accomplish the goals they've agreed to. In brief, managers work for their staff, and not the reverse.
Lastly, supervision of ethics in the workplace is a very important mission of the manager too. Jerry Anderson gave a dictionary definition of ethics, he mentioned that this is the system or code of human conduct, with the emphasis on the determination of what is right and wrong. Giving ethics programs in the workplace cultivate strong teamwork and productivity. This will rise to openness of the employees to each other and to their manager. This will influence employees to perform whole-heartedly in their respective assignments. In addition, talking about corporate social responsibility, this is actually a broad term so owns no single definition. Howard Bowen in his book titled Social Responsibility of the businessman in 1953 mentioned that this CSR refers to the obligation of businessmen to follow policies, these policies were not just those business policies but including the pursuant of social and public or government policies as well; and to make decisions or carry out actions which are desirable in terms of objectives and values of our society. Friedman also in his Capitalism and Freedom mentioned that there is a single social responsibility of business-to increase profits as long as the attainment of this has no any breach. In other words, the making of this high amounts of income were being engaged in open and free competition. W. Frederick gave also a nice concept about CSR which is business corporations have the responsibility of social betterment. The very reason why business is conducted is to improve the quality of life of the general public.
Hence, the administrations' modern management approaches, their abidance with the ethical standards and their adherence to the principles of corporate social responsibility boost them to fully adapt the changes.
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Administration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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